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The Magnificent Google New System

Google has created a computer version system that is better than other systems. The individuals’ who created the system have been applauded for creating the system. Four scientists, who had been researching on the Google system, released the fascinating news. The scientists included Jonathon Shlens, Barret Zoph, Quoc Le and Vijay Vasudevan. The scientists had two objectives in mind when releasing the news.



The four scientists wanted to form Al systems which could spawn other new Al systems. The systems are very complicated. The accuracy of the objects which had been created could then be tested through the systems. They managed to carry out their objectives and the results ranged from self-driving cars and surveillance. The machines require good expertise and plenty of time to design them.



The AutoML was created by the Google researchers to create other models through the method known as reinforcement learning. The method involved a neural network that controlled other networks. The child network which has been created is used to execute a particular task. The task which the Google researchers wanted was to recognize objects in the video feed at the real time. People, traffic lights, handbags, cars, and backpacks are some of the objects that could be realized through the videos.



The controller model has been tasked with evaluating the work done by the child network. The information can be found on the feedback which is then relayed back to the child network. The process repeats itself until the best child model results are achieved. The Brain Researchers of Google insisted that their model is the best. The earlier computer vision systems had been created by humans.



The computer vision systems utilized the AutoML system to enhance their image classification. The COCO set which was used to detect the image is the most respected image set. A graph was drawn which demonstrated their accuracy. The NASNet model is an efficient and accurate model. The model has utilized half the amount used to compute the other best model. The model has been made public in order to benefit other scientists.

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