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Is Lohan’s Birkini for Real?

Lindsay Lohan selected a modest birkini for her recent publicity photo shoot. Is Lohan really serious about her new-found faith or is she simply looking to create controversy? Her birkini included long black stirrup pants, a long-sleeved top that reaches below the bum and has scarlet red sleeves and sports an intricate design that covers the chest area and is completed by a tight fitting black head covering. Images taken on the beaches of Thailand show the star in equally modest poses.

A fairly recent fashion, Lohan wears the birkini as though she had been swimming in one her entire life. The attire, which is normally worn by women of Muslim faith, is meant to avert attention and keep the womanly figure hidden from prying public eyes, yet somehow Lohan still manages to look swimsuit sexy: So much for diverting attention.

Lohan was non-committal about speculation as to whether or not she had converted to the Muslim faith on Good Morning Britain in February saying: “found great solace in reading the Qu’ran.” When pushed, she acknowledged she had been studying the spiritual book for over five years and was exploring the work but would not say she had or was in the process of conversion.

However, she has posted pics of herself in a hijab and discussed how it felt for her to be stopped by an airline and asked to remove it. She talked about how one who had been born Muslim would feel at having to obey the request and how it feels to be considered a risk simply by her choice of attire.

While some are dissing her for wearing traditional attire for Muslim women, others are praising for embracing her new found faith, regardless of whether or not she has converted. The birkini is thought to be from her new clothing line for Muslim women. Whatever the case, Lohan has stirred up controversy and compliments.



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