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Lime Crime Transforms the Cosmetics Market

Lime Crime burst onto the cosmetics scene in 2008 according to their Twitter, under the leadership of its founder and CEO, Doe Deere. Deere had already made quite the name for herself in the fashion industry before launching Lime Crime. In fact, Deere had been designing, sewing and selling her own clothing line through Ebay for years before the idea for Lime Crime sprung up. Deere incorporated bright colors and fun patterns in all of her designs and found that she had a difficult time pairing her clothing collection with a cosmetics brand that matched her zest for life and thrill for creating the bold and unexpected. She decided to take matters into her own hands by creating Lime Crime.

Given the innovative and eye-catching trends that customers expect and love from Lime Crime cosmetics, it should not be a huge surprise that Deere takes inspiration for her products from unicorns, which she says stand out from the crowd and are proud of it. As a fashion and beauty icon, Deere has been setting trends in the cosmetics industry since the very beginning of Lime Crime. Lime Crime’s Unicorn Lipsticks, which first hit shelves in 2009, became an overnight sensation and radically changed the way that traditional lipstick was worn. The bright, vibrant colors received rave reviews from customers and continue to be a major product sold by Lime Crime today. In addition, Lime Crime also debuted its Velvetine Lipsticks, which were ground breaking in terms of their contribution to the matte lipstick trend found everywhere today.

Fans on Facebook say part of what sets Lime Crime apart from other major cosmetic companies in the beauty industry today, is that in addition to creative products and ground breaking designs, it has been committed to being animal cruelty-free since its founding. Lime Crime also obtained its certification and has created Vegan standard products since 2012.  Check them out on Dolls Kill, otherwise you can follow them on Instagram for new ideas and new looks as Lime Crime releases new products.

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