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Lime Crime Reveals New Product

Lime Crime is a company that built a reputation on producing sparkly, bold, and very imaginative makeup colors for people that like a makeup that is truly unique. The Unicorn colors captured the attention of millions of Lime Crime fans across the Internet. Today, Lime Crime is one of the most sought after makeup lines around. Recently, Lime Crime revealed a new product was about to be introduced to eager Lime Crime fans. It was something sparkly and available in a triangular shaped tube. Fans highly anticipated this release with wonder.

Diamond Dew

The name of the new LimeCrime product is Diamond Dew. The product was featured on websites packaged in a triangular shaped tube. This set social media ablaze, wondering about the product. Was it a new eyeliner, a new nail polish, a new eye shadow? Lime Crime let the anticipation grow to a fever pitch, before revealing that the new product was a cleverly packaged liquid eye shadow. This product was inspired by Diamond Crushers Lip Topper, which is another very popular Lime Crime product used to highlight lips, cheeks, and eyes.

How To Use Diamond Dew

Women across the Internet rejoiced at the release of the new Diamond Dew. The product is similarly used like Lime Crime’s Diamond Crusher, and applied over naked lids or lids already lined with eye shadow. The product contains reflective particles that give it that Diamond Dew look. The product is also available in several colors that fit with the Lime Crime dazzling colors brand.

About Lime Crime

Lime Crime’s founder Doe Deere was on a mission to prove that makeup was more than just a tool to cover up imperfections. Makeup was a way for boys and girls to show their imagination and creativity. Lime Crime attracted a cult following that continues to grow via social media sites. Lime Crime remains a very innovative makeup line that likes to push the envelope just a bit with their unique brand of makeup. Lime Crime reveals that they enjoy shaking things up in the makeup world. They quickly accomplished that mission with their first release to new products in their makeup line.

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