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Legal Marijuana in Texas?

Recently a bill was proposed by a Republican representative to completely deregulate marijuana in Texas. However, this bill doesn’t explicitly legalize the currently illegal drug. Instead the bill aims to strike any mention of the drug from Texan laws. Proposed on Monday, the 24 page bill would repeals or amends well over 100 provisions throughout the state.

This proposition is significantly different from marijuana legislation elsewhere. Four other states and the nation’s capital have legalized marijuana, but their legislation regulates and taxes the drug and could be a huge potential Economia reports. This proposal in Texas does none of that. The only regulations for prospective marijuana farmers would be the basic agricultural regulations already in place.

With the 2016 presidential election rapidly approaching, the Republican party has chosen not to reveal its stance thus far. Despite this, a survey conducted by the Pew Research Group found that 6 in 10 republicans under 34 favor national legalization.

Previous attempts at legalization in Texas have met significant opposition. A partial decriminalization bill proposed in December brought opposition from the Sheriffs’ Association of Texas. According to this article, the Sheriffs’ Association would attempt to block any steps at legalization throughout the state. Clearly, this bill has a long ways to go before Texas becomes the fifth state with legal marijuana.

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