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Kim Dao’s Top Places To Go List in Osaka Japan

For those thinking of traveling to Osaka Japan; you will have plenty of things to see and do. Blogger Kim Dao recently compiled an extensive list of fifty fun things to do in Osaka. Tourists who enjoy shopping will enjoy Kim Dao’s underground shopping mall suggestion. Namba has all of the shops that anyone would want to spend time browsing and buying from. There are over 250 shops at the Namba mall. Kim Dao explains that it is easy to get lost in this mall but it is also very convenient since it is located right next to the subway. After a long afternoon shopping Kim Dao suggests eating at Horai 551. Horai 551 makes some of the best meat buns in all of Osaka. These are soft and full of flavor and best eaten fresh. After shopping and eating Kim Dao suggests Tennoji is a bit further out in Osaka but is easily accessible by the transit system. It is comprised of much taller buildings and is great for walking around and shopping. Abeno Harukas is one of the tallest skyscrapers in all of Japan. For a small fee, tourists can view the observatory at the top of this skyscraper for astounding views. Those seeking some awesome anime need to check out Den Den Town. There are many stores and second hand stores that feature all things anime such as games, magazines, books, toys and clothing. More amazing sights to see and food to eat can be found at Kim Dao’s video blog here.

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