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Keith Mann – The People’s Man

Keith Mann is a man of many talents. However, his biggest talent is finding talent for alternative investment firms. He does this through his executive search firm Dynamics Search partners which is more than 7 years old. The total experience that Keith has in this industry spans more than one and a half decades. He started off with providing hiring solutions only for hedge funds but diversified into private equity later on, before settling in for the current role.

He once had a job in the banking sector and the monotony of the job made him dislike it a lot and also bought about the epiphany that he would be better off if he started a venture of his own. This led to his eventual entry into the executive search industry where his company now serves top clients spread over 3 continents. Keith Mann chose this particular industry because he saw a need for the service and no existing providers.

Keith is a great proponent of technology and identifies having a portal for his services early on as one of the most important factors responsible for the growth of his company. He believes in early adoption of new technology but wouldn’t delve a lot on the software that his company uses for the reasons of secrecy.

His management philosophy is that of taking well thought out decisions. Keith urges everyone to questions the most obvious solutions and strategies that they think of. The more the data we have about something, the more informed will be over decision. He also emphasizes on the importance of having a great team. Having a great team not only helps you in getting work done properly but is also important for your personal development. The learnings that you get from them on a day to day basis are worth their weight in gold.

Personally, he is a family man who loves taking his kids to pizza classes. Keeping fit is high in his agenda and he starts his day with a workout. Michael Bloomberg and his astronomical achievements are the biggest source of inspiration for Keith.

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