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Keith Mann Creates Scholarship

Keith Mann is an entrepreneur based in New York. He is also someone who values and rewards other people who make efforts towards their goals. Keith Mann has created a scholarship that is awarded to students for professional achievement. This scholarship was created to award the students who show a lot of promise in business related activities. Keith Mann is awarding his scholarships through Uncommon Schools which is based in New York City. This scholarship is awarded to one student every year in one of the high schools that are based in Brooklyn.

This scholarship program has been met with a lot of gratitude. One advantage that the scholarship has is that ti makes it possible for the student who is awarded with it to attend a four-year university. For a chance to be awarded the scholarship, students who apply are given the task to write 1,000 words describing what help a college degree will be to them in order for them to be successful in their goals. Mann looks for the strongest leaders and helps connect them with companies that are the most helpful to their success.

Mann has worked as an entrepreneur in the search industry for more than a decade. Keith is very skilled in compensation for hedge funds as well as providing staffs for hedge funds. For one thing, he has recognized the industry as something that has a lot of growth. He works with Uncommon Schools in order to help connect students with better opportunities to improve their chances at landing a good career.

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