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Keeping a Jail Safe with Help from Securus Technologies

Last year, violence in our local prison had reached a tipping point. The inmates were gaining access to drugs and weapons easily, the jail was overcrowded more than ever, and gangs were determined to rule the facility. Each time I put on my uniform to head to work as a corrections officer, I wasn’t sure what to expect because I could have been the next in line to get hurt this week. Luckily for our facility, Securus Technologies was here to upgrade our call monitoring system and help us get back in control of the issues plaguing our facility.


Securus Technologies is well-known for the call monitoring technology they developed so officers are able to listen more intently to the inmates when on the house phones. Our team was eager to see how the technology worked, and we were completely surprised to discover the LBS software can in fact monitor all the calls simultaneously without any officers needed to be in the call center any longer. That means we have more skilled officers on the front line keeping order instead of being trapped in a room listening to inmates talking.


Securus Technologies has their main facility in Texas, and the employees of this company are all dedicated to making the world a better place. We were excited to see the system in action, and a little surprised when we saw how effective it actually was. That first day, the LBS software detected an inmate talking about how his family mailed him liquid drugs. We discovered how a guest was getting drugs to the inmates at the visitor center. One call revealed the hiding place of weapons in the yard.


Each time me and my officers get an alert, now we jump to get ahead of an issue which in turns secures our facility.


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