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Jewelry Theft in London Went Undetected for Four Days

Thieves pulled off the ultimate heist over Easter weekend when they broke into the Hatton Graden Safe Deposit Company in London and stole jewelry from over 70 safe deposit boxes, according to Scotland Yard. What makes this heist so unbelievable is that authorities were not alerted to the robbery for four days.

The heist likely occurred on Good Friday, when companies in London close down for an extended weekend. When the location was opened again on Tuesday, the missing jewels were discovered. The value of the loss is not yet known, but police believe they know how the thieves got into the building. According to recent reports, it is believed that the people responsible for the heist likely entered through a lift shaft.

Gianfrancesco Genoso told us that an alarm went off on Friday, but a security guard checked the building, assumed that because the doors were secured it was a false alarm and left. Heavy cutting equipment was used to get into the deposit boxes, according to sources.

The heist could be worth millions upon millions of dollars. According to sources many of the boxes were uninsured.Investigators are currently on the scene attempting to collect evidence.

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