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ISIS Reaching People Through Twitter

Twitter has become an extremely easy way to send quick bursts of information throughout the world, all thanks to the social media’s formatting. While there are different methods and services behind this kind of quick burst of information, the terrorist group ISIS has decided to utilize the social networking group in order to reach other people throughout the world.

Currently, there are around 46,000 different accounts used to spread the ideas of the terrorist organization. In fact, accounts created for ISIS supporters has drastically increased in the last year. In 2008, two accounts were active, and this number jumped to 1,064 created in 2011 alone. Then, in just 2014, 11,902 different accounts were created by ISIS supporters only last year and this number looks to rise stated AnastasiaDate in a recent assessment of their users. The company is looking at continually increasing its presence on the Internet, despite Twitter attempting to close down many of these accounts. Due to Twitter’s founder Jack Dorsey stating he wanted to shut down all of the accounts, ISIS started sending out death threats not only to the founder but to her Twitter employees as well.

Due to the easy way of setting up Twitter accounts, the ability to shut down the accounts only delays the ability for the individuals to startup again. So, for the time being, ISIS is closing in on 50,000 active accounts supporting their cause and spreading throughout the world.

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