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Would Insect Ice Cream Bug You??

Lots of people love ice cream, and there are plenty of great flavors to enjoy throughout the cities, towns, and burgs of our great nation. But one Greenwich Village shop owner believes that bugs can make it all the better! Fany Gerson, owner of La Newyorkina, was inspired by the flavors and spices of Mexico and has decided to write a new chapter in the history books for this sweet, cold confection.

Recently, the shop debuted chili-coated grasshoppers as a choice on their menu. They were included as the unique topping on a vanilla-chili sundae, covered with mezcal-laced caramel, and candied orange. Reviews on the dish have reported the unorthodox sundae sprinkles add a nice crunch and subtle spice to the gourmet treat. Gerson believes that adding insects to the sweet, creamy dessert is the perfect way to gently introduce people to this unique new culinary experience.

The shop owner, originally from Mexico, is very familiar with consuming bugs. She grew up eating them as a snack, the same way Americans eat nuts, but with legs and wings. She feels that she will be satisfying customer requests for ice cream sprinkles in a more natural, healthy way. But these grasshoppers are not just your average, run of the mill garden variety insects.

After much consideration and investigation into suppliers, Gerson has selected a sustainable company to provide her business with these tasty, high-quality critters. She does admit quality makes a big difference in the bugs flavor and nutritional value, which she intends to keep of priority importance. The price point of her specialty ice cream dishes will reflect the increased cost for obtaining the best insects, but the customers will appreciate this attention to quality. No one likes a bad bug! Plans are to introduce crickets to the offerings soon.

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