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Initiatives undertaken by Ricardo Guimaraes through BMG to Sponsor a Famous Tennis Player

Recently, Banco de Minas Gerais (BMG) announced its intentions to sponsor world known tennis player, Marcelo Melo. Marcelo, a Brazilian native signed an agreement with the BMG group. He is ranked number one in the Association of Tennis Professionals. Ricardo Guimaraes, the president and chief executive officer of the bank, announced that the player would represent the bank in all the sporting events. Additionally, his attire and equipment would bear the bank logo. Upon signing the agreement, Melo told reporters that the partnership and support he is receiving from the bank would help him in preparing for the forthcoming Olympics Game. The 2016 Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro.
The partnership with BMG is favorable for both the bank and the athlete who has won a number of accolades in the span of his career. This year alone, together with his tennis court partner, Ivan Dodjg, he has won the doubles Master 1000 Paris, the Association of Tennis professionals 500, Tokyo, Vienna and Acapulco edition as well as the Master 1000 Roland Garros and Shanghai edition. Ricardo believes that the partnership will enable Marcelo to win more titles and receive more recognition in his career. The sponsorship also gives the athlete the chance to improve on his game and fully prepare for the next sporting events.
The partnership, which was signed in November led to a fete that was thrown in the honor of Marcelo. He had just come back home after winning the Master 1000 Paris trophy. The Brazilian has won the trophy four consecutive times.
BMG believes in nurturing talent and using sports to change the lives of talented Brazilians. The sponsorship will soon open doors for other talented sports players to be recognized in their respective fields. Ricardo Guimaraes urges youths that are talented in sports to take their abilities seriously as one can have a career in sports. The firm is not only focused on tennis but also other sports. BMG has plans to continue sponsoring different sporting activities in the future. The bank has a long-standing tradition of promoting sponsorship in different types of sports with the aim of affording athletes with international recognition.
Ricardo Guimaraes is an avid fan of sports. He strongly believes that sports are very important and that corporations and individuals should offer necessary support to athletes that show dedication, discipline and commitment to their sporting careers.


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