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Impressionable Facts about Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is the co-creator of Tinder as well as the founder of the popular dating app Bumble. Wolfe is a go-getter and has always had a passion towards achieving her dreams and encourages people not to give up on their dreams regardless of the situations that they go through. She has successfully endured all the challenges that most entrepreneurs face in the market, and her strength is the basis for her today`s great success. She schooled at the Southern Methodist University where she pursued her degree in International Studies.

Whitney started her career at a very young age, where she made tote bags to aid individuals that were affected by the bp oil spill. She later teamed up with the celebrity stylist Patrick to launch a nonprofit firm, which aimed at helping individuals affected by the calamity. The Help US Project was a great success, thanks to the team up that the two exercised as well as working together towards achieving a similar goal. Some celebrities were seen posing with the bags manufactured by the two entrepreneurs, and this led to the firm receiving a lot of attention as well as national press. The great success of the venture acted as a form of encouragement to Whitney, and she felt more dedicated to helping other people, particularly the disadvantaged in the society. Her dedication towards people`s welfare saw her travel to Asia, where she worked with a vast number of organizations as well as orphanages. Her commitment attracted a vast number of individuals who were very pleased with her good deeds.

Whitney has always believed in teamwork and insists that it is the basis for success and fast performance of activities at the workplace. She has ever worked closely with a few other people whenever she gets new business ideas and believes that through sharing of ideas with other individuals, she gets to acquire new and better ideas for success if well implemented. Her LinkedIn Profile.

Before launching the Bumble dating app, Whitney worked at the Hatch Labs company, where she then met Sean Rad and together they started the most popular dating app Tinder. Having worked at Tinder, Whitney learned a vast number of ideas and learned the basics of running a dating app. She later moved out from the company to form the Bumble together with Andrey Andreeva, the founder of Badoo.

The Bumble app was a smart app meant to give women more control than the other traditional apps, which targeted to give men more power and an opportunity to take the first move when approaching women. The app was a competitive one due to its unique features and a significant number of individuals like it. Within a short period, Bumble had already attracted over eighty million users with close to sixteen million conversations taking place. Many were impressed by the fact that women no longer needed to wait for men to ask them out, and this was the basis for the many users that the app attracted.

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