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Hunting Down The Right Investment Tips

It is a secretive world of money minters with a Midas touch. It is a world of cut throat competition where only the wolves survive to see another day. It is the world where money never sleeps and where the next business idea could be a product to benefit women in Uganda and shareholders in Manhattan. It is the world where your biggest wish can come true and where people trust billions with you to manage. It is the world where only the best survive to see another day and failure is not an option. It is the world where Sam Tabar found and conjured and cornered. It is also the world Sam Tabar wishes to see you join with his words of advice.

He will advise any investor in the world of Hedge funds to diversify their portfolio widely. As the COO of Full Cycle Fund, he has the necessary experiment in this field. Sam advices you to invest in securities with at most 0.4 correlation. It means a crisis in one area will not affect the price of another product in your portfolio.Eg a Crisis in the energy sector will not affect a gaming software development company but can influence the manufacturer of beauty products.

On his Twitter Sam Tabar also advises one to do a lot of research before making an investment. You need to have a lot of information on an individual product. It means researching its viability and history in the market and coming up with a visual model like charts to know the history of a product. With a well thought out plan, it is very easy to predict trends in the market and bet to your advantage. Sam says investing in the stock exchange requires you to take your time and invest in the long-term strategy in mind.

Sam is a law graduate from Oxford University, as referenced by LinkedIn, who did his masters at Columbia business school. He started his career with a law firm in 2001 immediately after his graduate studies before he joined Spark in 2007 as the managing director. He was tasked with leading the company as well settings its business strategy direction and acting as the legal team leader. He was to work here until 2011 February when he joined Merrill Lynch as the head of the strategy department in the Asian market. Based in Hong Kong, he was charged with seeking out new customers and selling the company’s financial products to potential clients.

He joined Full Cycle Funds in 2014 and has since then extended his Midas Touch. He recently became the biggest investor in THINK. It is a startup that sells women’s pants and donates hygienic sanitary pads in Africa.  Follow him on Instagram if you’d like to follow his career further.

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