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How Stephen Murray effected exponential growth at CCMP Capital

Not many people stop to think about the process that a company has gone through to attain their current success. Well, one of the companies that has come from far to be the giant it is in the business world is CCMP Capital on When the company was just a group of conglomerates, very few of the current leaders were there. One of the few who happened to grow with the company right from the moment when it was established is Stephen Murray.

It is quite unfortunate that he has passed away at 52. T the time of his death, he had resigned from this company that he had headed for quite a number of years. His decision to quit was as a result of recurrent health complications. He is one man who can be said to embody the spirit of patience because for over three decades, Murray worked diligently at CCMP and hoped that he would get a chance to rise to the top. His hard work definitely paid off because by the end of the day, he was able to rise to the CEO post.

Murray, who is a native of Boston, Massachusetts, developed a keen interest in the world of economics at an early age. He attended the Boston College and studies economics there, graduating cum Laude. After the bachelor’s degree, he went on to the University of Columbia where he attained his MBA. He then joined one of the early versions of the company and started working his way up. In 2007, exactly 20 years after he had been hired by the company, he was appointed CEO. This is a post that he held for the 9 years till his health started deteriorating, forcing him to quit.

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Besides the fact that he was a leader worth emulating at the company, Stephen Murray was also very passionate about philanthropy and entrepreneurship. When he was starting, he decided to participate as an investor in private equity. Besides the leadership role, he has been serving at the board of various companies which include the Crestcom international and the Octagon credit investors.

For the past three decades, he has been watching the company grow from almost nothing to a $16 billion worth enterprise on Crunchbase. He believes in teamwork and cooperation as opposed to competition. His strategic planning prowess is the reason the companies he has worked for have risen to the level they are in.

Another thing that Murray will be remembered for are his efforts in philanthropy. He had been donating and contributing a lot to the growth of the make a wish foundation. The aim of this foundation is to help children from backgrounds such as Murray’s to join and graduate college.

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