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Highland Capital and a Changing Quarter

The previous quarter proved to be changing times for Highland Capital Management as shown in a recent article by Octafinance. The company, headed by James Dondero, has detailed their most recent quarter in the business article. A quick glance shows a company making quick moves in changing sectors and several new purchases in emerging markets. One can surmise that Highland Capital’s CEO, James Dondero is using his years of experience to strengthening the company’s portfolio.

The March article by Octafinance,, detailed a small drop in the most recent quarter for Highland Capital. While there was a decline, Highland also made several new purchases that included Amazon and Eagle Pharmaceuticals. In total, the company bought 69 new stocks. The report also detailed the company’s top 10, which consisted of: Humana, Envision Healthcare and Quest Diagnostics.
James Dondero began his career as analyst in 1984 as part of the Morgan Guaranty program. Jim graduated college with honors from the University of Virginia; in addition he also earned dual majors from the McIntyre School of Commerce. In 1985, Jim began work at American Express as a Corporate Bond Analyst.

Using his 30 years of business experience, James Dondero is CEO of Highland Capital Management and the Co-Founder. An alternative assessment manager, Jim Dondero overseers nearly 21 billion dollars in assets under Highland Capital. A pioneer in Collateralized Loan Obligation, Jim is an innovator in the industry and his insight has led Highland Capital to be one of the most sought after corporations in the business.

A recent quarterly updated by Highland Capital Management has revealed several interesting trends. Octafinance goes on to report that while Highland Capital did suffer a decrease from the previous quarter, Highland Capital has also experienced upswings in key positions in their portfolio. Analysts will also see several new purchases by Highland in key sectors that are sure to see an increase in revenue. Through the leadership of James Dondero, it is safe to say Highland will continue to evolve and grow.

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