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Here Is Why US Money Reserve is Helping The CAFB of Texas


The Capital Area Food Bank of Texas has recently received significant donations from US Money Reserve, a large precious metal distributor that is also located in Texas. The Capital Area Food Bank has benefited enough to keep its operations running, which were going to be closed down until US Money Reserve donated money for this cause. US Money Reserve is known to have donated money to more than sixty other locations without expecting to receive anything in return.

US Money Reserve has been around as one of the most important precious metal intermediaries in the United States. US Money Reserve always gets their silver, gold, platinum, and palladium directly from producers and never any other brokers. This company has been so successful because of the wide variety of precious metals in all kinds of coins, bullion, and bullion coins, the great customer service representatives, and the ease of use as far as ordering and finding more information about products in concerned.

One can find the link to the original article here, which was originally posted by the Digital Journal, a popular site with many different kinds of interesting and factual articles.

US Money Reserve can be found through websites and through their official toll-free phone number, 1-866-646-8465. US Money Reserve sells only the best quality coins that have been made by the Federal Reserve Bank that belongs to the one and only United States government. None of the coins that are sold on US Money Reserve are ever counterfeit. If a customer has a doubt about a coin being real, they can get their money refunded minus a small stocking fee that US Money Reserve has to pay its employees and other suppliers that helped finalize the transaction of precious metals. US Money Reserve truly is an amazingly great company.

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