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Herbal Blending — The New Coffee Trend Taking Off

With the rise of the bulletproof coffee and the new trend of putting a mint leaf in a mug, there has been a newfound interest in blending. Herbal blending refers to the ability of coffee — itself chock full of antioxidants — to be paired with common and unusual herbs to compound the positive effect that can help any coffee lover in the morning.

As the trend circulates the globe, there are various coffee companies that are jumping onboard to help their customers learn about the benefits. Even local coffee shops have begun offering the option to place basil or mint in their coffees as you order them.

At the product level, great coffee companies, such as Organo Gold, are blending the herbs into the coffee before brewing. Organo Gold, run by CEO Bernardo Chua, the popular executive, is the prime example in this space. Founded in Vancouver in 2008, Chua, a businessman with decades of experience in marketing and company restructuring, took the leap and began Organo Gold. Its primary purpose was to bring Ganoderma Lucidium, a Chinese herb thought to have restorative effects, to the market as a blending companion to coffee.

With Chua, as with many great coffee CEOs, the quality of not only the herb but the coffee must meet high expectations. Since 2008, Chua has built the company to emphasize the benefits of the Ganoderma Lucidium, a Chinese mushroom thought to aid in longevity and ease any multitude of chronic ailments. With his background in marketing and business, he has made a career of providing coffee to active consumers.

While Chua is known for exacting standards from his previous fields, he has surpassed them as Organo Gold moves forward towards an international market. As of April this year, Chua has successfully launched Organo Gold in 39 countries, including Turkey.

But Organo Gold is not the only coffee company to utilize herbal blending. Many well-known coffee companies blend single-origin coffees with herbs found in the place of origin for a unique taste that separates their coffee from the pack. And while the trend is still quite new, it seems to be picking up steam, as smaller roasting companies choose to use the health benefits of herbs like mint and basil to help the flavor profile of their coffees.

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