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Greg Secker of “Learn to Trade”

How did Greg Secker, English business man and financial trading expert, get involved in teaching? Greg Secker explained this in a recent interview. He said that he wanted people to have a tool which helped them out at the beginning of their trading career. He started creating classes and webinars that people could use as such a tool. He said, “I wanted people to have this tool, especially to be able to trade in foreign transactions, so they can have the opportunity to improve their lives at a relatively low risk”.

Greg Secker knows how valuable it is to be able to improve life through a successful trading career he was able to quit his corporate job and begin trading from home by the age of 27, and did very well for himself. People noticed how well he was doing, and he felt that it was only natural for him to share. He says, “I noticed a lot of people struggled to begin trading with ease”.

Greg Stecker knew that what he had gone through in order to begin his trading career could be transferred to others. He wanted them to have a smooth ramp up to success, rather than a road that took them to high and low points, like his own journey did. There were difficult times.

Stecker said that on the days when he wanted to give up, he focused on learning from his mistakes. This is where much of the material for “Learn to Trade“, his program which teaches others to trade, came from. He knew that once he made the mistake and learned from it, others did not have to make the same mistake.

Stecker believes that the path to a successful trading career can be stress-free, if done correctly. He says, “Making money does not have to be difficult in trading. People just need to know how to invest and when”. This is exactly what he teaches in his programs.

Greg Stecker founded “Knowledge to Action” in order to share his knowledge. In addition, he also started several other financial trading related companies including FX Capital, SmartCharts Software, the Greg Stecker Foundation, and Capital Index.


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