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Glenn Beck Takes Aim at George Soros

A 2010 article by Hendrick Hertzberg, in the New Yorker titled “Puppetry” describes an erroneous Fox News report by Glen Beck covering the life and aspirations of George Soros, a hedge-fund investor and a supporter of several anti-totalitarian and liberal causes. Beck claims that Soros is an anti-Semite, who worked to send his own people, the Jews to death camps.

George Soros was born in Hungary in 1930., to Jewish parents. His father disguised the family’s heritage by falsifying documents and taking false identities on This was done in an attempt to save his family from the Nazi’s. The family survived, although they had several close calls.

Beck claimed George Soros was complicit in the Holocaust and that he was against Israel. These claims are untrue. The information in the article is made to look accurate, however it gives a completely false story. George Soros witnessed the atrocities of the Jews during his teens. He hid in plain sight as a child in order to live. The Beck article fails to admit this. It leads the reader to believe that Soros is an evil person, who manipulates governments for his own purposes. Beck is trying to show that Soros next conquest is going to be the United States of America.

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Soros immigrated to England as a young man, studying at the London School of Economics. He realized that he had a feel for the financial markets. He took a job on Wall Street in 1956. He became wealthy from the financial markets, making him one of the wealthiest people in the world. He made his money by speculating in the stock and currency markets.

George Soros supports many civil society movements. He gave major support to organizations that helped destroy European Communism. He is a pro-democracy advocate, who spent millions of dollars to support Barack Obama and John Kerry.

Glenn Beck draws attention to the fact that Soros helped fund the Velvet Revolution, which took place in the Czech Republic, the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, and the Rose Revolution in Georgia. All of these revolutions were peaceful and were aim to reduce communism and dictatorships. This point was not mentioned in Becks article. Glenn touts the thought that George Soros wants to have one world power, and that power is Soros. Many disagree with Beck’s opinion and believe it is the thoughts of an entertainer trying to satisfy his bosses by raising the ratings on his controversial television show.

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