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George Soros: World’s Most Richest Hedge Fund Trader

The World’s greatest hedge fund manager George Soros had been know for his wise speculative skills. Soros was born in the United Kingdom of Hungary. He was born by a lawyer and a content writer. Their parent was from a Jewish family and they had troubles during their times. The young Soros was born in a war zone when. He surpassed so many life threatening challenges and making it to where he is today is a great miracle. He was born in a place called Budapest. He has even survived the siege of Budapest a home to a home operation that was very serious and very many people lost their lives.George Soros parents relocated to England so that their son could get access to join London School of Economics. He did bachelors of science degree in Philosophy and later graduated from the same University after successfully attaining the required skills. He then joined the same institutions to pursue a masters degree in Philosophy.

He is a recognized scholar and worked for his uprising. He has struggled in life and even worked as a sales person in a food store. He struggled with a masters degree for some time but he did not give up. He had a dream he was to pursue despite challenges.In the year 1954, George Soros Singer & Friedlander located in London as a finance clerk. He was still applying for better positions and got shortlisted for interview at F.M Mayer in the same year. He was a stocks analyst now and his star of becoming a stock guru started to shine. He specialized in European stocks. After 5 years of working as an analyst, he joined Wertheim and Co and became an analyst until the year 1963. He had an objective of saving $500,000 so that he could get funds to take him back to England to advance his studies. He also developed a theory called reflexivity.

The ideas he applied were those of Karl Poppers a great Philosopher of all times. His stars kept on shining brighter until he left employment and joined his own company by name Soros Fund Management. He became the chairman and then resigned from other companies he had conflicting interests.As a philanthropist, George Soros has offered many scholarships to the black needy students joining campus. He has donated a lot of money towards ensuring that he takes as many as possible to school. He has also worked to democratizations of the world’s country. He has given put over $4 billion to the civil society that promotes violence free states. In short George Soros through his businesses has accumulated a lot of wealth and in February 2017, he was listed as the 19th richest man on earth.

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