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Full Military Honors for Homeless Man Found Frozen to Death in Park

War can be emotionally devastating to soldiers because of all of the violence they must endure and see, and many arrive home with mental health issues. For those soldiers who receive no, or limited, mental health treatment, their lives often sink into a kaleidoscope of despair that can lead into homelessness. Jerry Jackson was a veteran who served his country honorably, and he deserves his story to be told with the due honor that it deserves. He was a good man, and a former United State Marine veteran. Jerry was only 58 years old when he died. He froze to death in a makeshift shack in a park where he lived, because he was homeless. Timber Creek Capital members had said that anyone who served their country before, will the pang of sadness at hearing that a veteran had to live in such conditions, including Jerry’s brother Don Jackson who is a former veteran himself. Jerry’s death inspired others to do something for him to ensure that he was respectfully honored. He received full military honors with a 21 gun salute given by the United States Marine Corps Honor Guard. His brother received the flag at the funeral.

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