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Financing the Future: James Dondero and Highland Capital Management

James Dondero, also known as Jim Dondero, was born on February 2, 1970. He would become one of the leading figures in the world of financing and capital with a title of Certified Management Accountant. It is just one title he has earned throughout his career. Jim began his career over thirty years ago at the Morgan Guaranty Trust Company where he filled the position of an analyst. After this, he earned a degree in finance and accounting from the University of Virginia where he graduated with multiple honors. Dondero has been extremely successful in all of his endeavors, both business-related and philanthropically with charities supporting education and veterans. A few examples of Jim’s interests are hedge funds, securities, loans and derivatives.

Jim Dondero is currently the President of Highlands Capital Management, located in Dallas, TX, which he co-founded with Mark Okada in 1993. However, while this is one of the largest, it is not the only hat Jim currently wears. Dondero is also President of Nextpoint Residential Trust Inc, of which he also serves on the board of directors. He also serves on the boards of COS Medical, MGM Studios, American Banknote Corporation and Cornerstone Healthcare. Before establishing Highland Capital Management, Dondero gained experience climbing his way through companies such as Protective Life and American Express.

Highland Capital Management is doing well under the command of Dondero and Jones. At the end of 2015, the value was reported to be $3.43 billion. Even though this was a drop from the previous year, there are many reported positions added in 2015. One company in which new positions were added is Amazon Com Inc. The management company also increased its interests in many businesses including Kinder Morgan Inc Pol and Patterson Companies Inc while it sold its stock in Spdr Series Trust, Mckesson Corp, Envision Healthcare and others. The top five holdings owned by Highland Capital Management combine to from 19.42% of their securities. The most notable changes in 2015 include new interests in companies such as Amazon Com Inc and Extra Space Storage Inc and stocks sold in companies like Humana Inc and Mckesson Corp.

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