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Ferguson Shooting Shakes the Community

In the midst of the many passionate protests taking place in Ferguson, two police officers were shot. This wildly catastrophic event took the progress of those fighting against the police department two steps back.

The demands in the Ferguson riots have not changed but the tone of them certainly has. The fight rages on in this town, though the mainstream media has seemed to have forgotten or grown bored. The shooting was a blatant attempt to fight violence with violence. This drastic revolt was met with solemn and relevant commentary by the presidenthimself.

However, after the shooting, the protesters returned not to protest but for a candlelight vigil in honor of the officers shot. This act of peace has made the relationship of the Ferguson protesters and the police department clear. They don’t want revenge, they want peace.

All of this action took place shortly after the police chief announced his resignation said Brad Reifler. Even as the turbulence continues, one this is true for the town. They refuse to accept anything less than progress.

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