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Feminism Is In

In the fashion world, looks speak louder than words. A “fashion statement” in general is assumed to be a daring new look or design, and not an actual slogan or political reference.
That has begun to change, as many designers and runways have begun to make an exception for the sake of one movement: feminism.
At New York’s Fashion Week, statements such as “Nevertheless She Persisted” and “The Future is Female” were strutted prominently up and down the runway. Dior designer Maria Grazia Chiuri paired a flowing truffle skirt with a shirt that read “Yes. We Should All Be Feminists.” High profile names such as Rihanna and Natalie Portman liked it enough to buy it and wear it in public themselves, but then again, they can afford the seven hundred dollar price tag that Dior set for it, despite such shirts with the same exact agenda being sold by less upscale brands for much much less.
That is why many feel cynical about such efforts by high end products to champion an altruistic cause. After all, if the primary goal is to support feminism, you could do so just as well by wearing a five dollar shirt as a five hundred dollar one. However, others counter that while the goals of these high end fashion companies and runways might not be completely altruistic, at the end of the day these brands do have considerable influence in trend-setting, and it is better they display their support for a noble movement than not.

Who knows? The slogans championed on runway strolls might expand from feminism to other important causes.

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