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Equities First-AU Saves the Day by Offering Stock-Based Loans

Business entities and other individuals will always be in need of credit to fund their investment or to cover their daily expenses. Equities First Holding (EFH) exist to serve such purposes. Equities First is a global company that deals with stock-lending to commercial and individual clients. The company was launched 15 years ago, and it has excelled in the stock-lending industry since then.

The company has made more than 700 transactions, which amount to more than $1.4 billion. As well, it has nine offices globally: Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Australia, among others. Their capital headquarters are located in Indianapolis.

Specialization of the Company

The company allows investors to access funding quickly and efficiently by offering them a customized and straightforward transaction. The Equities First’s specialty is developing efficient lending solutions to businesses and individuals seeking non-purpose capital. Funding is done through the provision of capital against publicly traded stocks. The money provided by Equities First is low cost as compared to other forms of capital.

Equities First and harsh economic conditions

Equities First offers alternative credit during harsh economic conditions. During tough economic situations, banks and other financial institutions offering credit are only effective in the initial stages of the period. Therefore, stock-based loans come in handy, where it has been adopted across the world as a better form of capital during the harsh economic conditions.

The company has taken advantage of this opportunity, and it has become a trusted financier. The company offers fast working capital to individuals and corporate bodies using stocks as collateral. Therefore, the company is suitable for people who want acquire fast working capital during harsh economic conditions.

How to Acquire a Loan

To access a loan at Equities First is very easy as compared to other lending institutions; you only need stock as collateral then approach them. The loans offered have a non-purpose feature that allows you to secure a loan very first. Also, you do not have to state the purpose of borrowing to qualify for the credit. for more.

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