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Empowering Women with Susan McGalla

Susan McGalla is one of the renowned women who has always ensured that she commits herself in doing better in her daily activity as a successful entrepreneur. Her bachelor’s degree in marketing and business she attained from Mount Union College. Also at the college, she is also a board member. Some of the position that she has held in the executive chairman in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and also acted as the president of America Eagle Outfitters Inc. she also was part of Wet Seal as the CEO. As the board member of HF Inc, they ensure they offer outstanding real estate services to their clients. Moreover, at Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute, she is an associate and a director at Allegheny.

Foremost between the year 1986 and 1994 Susan McGalla was able to be in control of the marketing section in Joseph Home Organization before moving to America Eagle Outfitters because of the determination and notable work record. The actual responsibility of Susan McGalla at the organization is being in charge of purchasing women wears for divisional supply. She was later on appointed as the president and chief marketing officer of American Eagle Outfitters because of the rate the organization developed. She was able to create 77kids brands and brands which did well in the market hence a lot of returns made. The organization believes in teamwork that’s what keeps them thriving.

Susan McGalla’s is now a private guide to corporate investment and trading organization since when she resigned from American Eagle Outfitters. Furthermore, her main pillars in success are always making her clients the first priority and giving staff members better surrounding to work hence giving them the motivation to work hard. She contributes to the community through funding charity centers that assist needy people. Lastly, at the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, she is a part of the contributor.

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