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Delta Flight Skids Off Runway In New York

Delta flight 1086, traveling from Atlanta to New York’s LaGuardia’s airport skidded of the runway as its landing approach went horribly wrong. The Delta flight carried 131 passengers and crew on board. All were reported to have been retrieved from the plane and only a few have reported slight injuries. Delta Flight Skids Off of Runway During Landing.

The weather conditions were reported to be icy, cold with flurries. RadiologyBusiness says it is not confirmed to what degree weather played a part in the landing incident but other pilots had reported slick conditions on the runway.

The plane, which is a MD-88, remained intact but did suffer significant structural damage. The plane came to rest at the edge of the runway with the nose and at least twenty feet of the fuselage hanging over the Hudson river. Many state that the evacuation of the passengers was orderly and professional and there was very little panic. Rescue services were able to respond to the accident scene immediately and water rescue teams were on standby if needed.

Officials state that despite the weather conditions currently at the airport, the plane has been secured and the initial investigation has already begun. There has not been an official announcement as to whether the plane’s black boxes have been retrieved yet and there has been not set timetable for the results of the investigation to be released.

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