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Decisive Democratic Donors Joined by George Soros

Liberals looking to proliferate leftist life have been dealt a blow by Donald J. Trump’s infamous victory. While expectations were shattered, some statistics still strikingly stand. Hillary Clinton managed to win the popular vote, while Trump received less votes than Mitt Romney in 2012. Regardless of indicators, Trump’s targeted campaign still conquered. The next step for Democrats is post-election discourse says George Soros. Liberals need to evaluate exactly how they lost despite positive polling.

This evaluation will take place at a 3-day meeting in Washington sponsored by the Democracy Alliance (A group of elite, influential liberals). The meeting plans suggest that Democrats are willing to war with Trump, congruous with methodology Republican party members employed while sandbagging president Obama. Although hind-sight is notoriously biased, the meeting will also focus on the derivation of the election results. As Democrats reassess, some matters resonate with officials. Also, while he has not attended every meeting of the DA (Democracy Alliance), George Soros will be present for this strategy session.

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As Democrats scramble to reform and organize post-Clinton, Rep. Ellison (D-Minn.) is looking like the new DNC chair. An economic populism advocate, Ellison argues that the party needs to push broadening state-election impact, to heal the wound caused by Republicans taking both the House and Senate. Democrats need to take back power in 2017 and 2018 to mitigate the results of the election. Considering platform stances, populism should have been a Democratic Party turn-out factor, something Clinton could seldom capitalize on. Another activist, Raj Goyle, also supports a broad, mainland focused political initiative. However, his reasoning relies on the disconnect between coastal democratic communities and landlocked rural America, evoking the refreshing notion of voter representation which is the hallmark of theoretical democracy.

Major financier George Soros will be discussing the results with over 100 DA members, including Goyle and Ellison. Soros committed 25 million USD to Hillary Clinton and Democrats down the board. The event agenda confirms that he will be speaking, and although a proxy declined to comment, it is expected that Soros will stand with the Democracy Alliance. Notes from event planning show that Soros is expected to analyze authoritarian systems in relation to Donald Trump, specifically drawing from his experiences with Nazism and Communism. It is important to note, however, that Soros does not perceive Trump’s candidacy as equivalent to the threat posed by Nazism.

Progressives’ collective fear this election was that Hillary would need to move leftward for the party’s future. Given the results, this seems like wishful thinking. Democratic disillusionment is best represented by the Alliance’s agenda topics according to Soros. While the event intended to introduce its audience to a progressive policy discussion, its new initial focus is a review of the jarring, “cataclysm” caused on November 8th, 2016. Another notable post-election difference is an agenda topic titled “Can the Election be Hacked?” changing to “Was the 2016 Election Hacked?”. The original topic titles implicitly assume a Clinton victory. Regardless of the meeting’s conclusions, after 3-days, Democrats will have a new game plan.


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