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A Decade in the Making: Omar Yunes, the best Franchisee in the World

Italy is the country and Florence the place where Omar Yunes won his first ever Best Franchisee of the World competition. At the age of twenty-one, Omar Yunes decided to join Sushi Itto, a Japanese food chain, to advance his ambitions in life. At the time, Omar Yunes was quite insignificant with the brand but years later, Yunes stand out as the face of the company.

Today, Omar owns thirteen franchised units, making him one of the majority shareholders at the food chain. Thanks to his win, Omar Yunes has not only brought fame to the company but also to the many employees that work with the brand. If it were not for his innovation and excellent artistry, then Omar Yunes might have never clinched the prize and more information click here.

In the competition held in 2015, Omar beat representatives from thirty-four countries making the Japanese franchise one of the best, if not the best in the world. Ever since his win, Omar Yunes has stood out as a formidable force in the food franchise world, becoming a reference point for anyone who wants to venture in such a line of work.

Above all, Omar Yunes happened to scoop the prize in his national chapter at the first position all because he had inspired a lot of change ever since he joined Sushi Itto. By boosting the company’s reputation through satisfying the needs of Sushi Itto’s customers, the judges at the Best Franchisee of the World competition had no other choice other than to crown Omar as the winner of the event and learn more about Omar Yunes.

Participating against competitors like Armando Acosta Astorga, Marin Sanchez, Rosalba Marquez Perez, Claudia Lopez Clavel, Jose Santos Zanella Breton, Teresita Sanchez Kondo, Jose Adame Brana, Jorge Valencia, and Ivan Tamer, Omar Yunes emerged the better man and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

Through his hard work, Omar Yunes has been able to transform many people’s lives. To date, Omar owes his success to the determination of fellow employees, for without them, he would never have been able to run Sushi Itto successfully. Omar’s selfless nature is what has made him gain recognition in Mexico and the rest of the world and

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