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David Giertz Elaborates the Benefits of Social Security

Updated 9/18/2017: Another great article covering David Giertz was featured on Patch Ohio, and it’s got some good advice on retirement planning, and the things you may need to be aware of before you retire.  Retirement can be a pretty scary proposition, but it certainly doesn’t have to be.  Mostly, you just have to temper your own fear, and take a look into these strategies and see which apply to your own life.

Updated 5/7/2017: David Giertz was interviewed by Ideamensch this month.  David was asked about several things pertinent to the modern entrepreneur mentality, including what drives him, his inspiration for his career in business, and his plans for the future.  Read Mr. Giertz’s interview in full here:

A study conducted by Nationwide Financial showed that a lot of people who have retired or are approaching retirement, misunderstand the concept of social security. According to experts at, this could mean more taxes and less income for the people who have already retired. The study also indicated that financial advisors refrain from speaking with their clients about the topic of Social Security.

Interview with Veronica Dagher

David Giertz, who currently works as the senior vice president of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financials, spoke to Veronica Dagher about this. She writes the Wealth Advisor column of the Wall Street Journal. Giertz said that it is important that people create a retirement plan that takes into account maximizing Social Security benefits on Vimeo.

David Giertz pointed out that the survey showed that a third of the people who had retired were getting a benefit that was less than what they expected. The survey also indicated that about 80 percent of people would consider changing their financial advisor if they did not speak to them about social security.

Due to the complexity of Social Security, most financial advisors tend to shy away from discussing that issue with their clients. Social Security is so complex that the Social Security handbook has an astonishing 2700 rules on Giertz also said that people should time correctly. If Social Security is taken too early, one can run the risk of losing thousands of dollars during their retirement.

About David Giertz

Giertz is based in Dublin, Ohio. He has over 30 years in his career as a Financial Planner. David started his successful career at Skokie Federal Savings in 1988.

Between then and the year 2006, David has worked in executive positions for very many firms. FINRA lists David as a registered broker. He has attempted and passed four certifications over the course of his career.

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