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Cone Marshall Ranked Highly Against Leading Law

Cone Marshall is a New Zealand-based law firm that offers services related to commercial litigation. Since recent changes, the firm has grown and transformed to become a preferred provider of services to clients with tax and estate issues. Since inception in 1999, Cone Marshall has invested in transforming the firm to offer clients better services. It has since penetrated into the international market and managed to work with clients who are looking for quick solutions.


To make the process of delivering solutions to clients reliable, Cone Marshall has reviewed the service delivery system to make it stronger and faster. It is among few firms in New Zealand that have managed to penetrate into international markets easily. Additionally, Cone Marshall is reputed for working with high ranking professionals who are experienced in matters commercial litigation.


Many changes have occurred since 2005 when Cone Marshall invited new professionals to work on different processes. They have continually worked on drafting new policies that have been effective in ensuring the firm performs excellently. Some of the policies that have been implemented so far were targeted at eliminating many barriers that drag cases and that has been achieved.


Technology is something that cannot be excluded in the management of a company in the modern era where many processes are automated. Cone Marshall appreciates this fact and has invested in the acquisition of better and modern technology that has helped to streamline how clients receive services to their problems. Through the new system, clients are able to access the information they share about their problems even when the attorneys begin working on the case.



Cone Marshall enjoys focused leadership that is led by professionals who have been in the industry for decades. The many steps the firm has made towards success are a product of the dedication and effort the leaders have put to ensuring Cone Marshall ranks highly in the industry while offering high quality services.


Karen Marshall has worked as the principal of Cone Marshall since 2006 and she has contributed largely to the development of a unique system that has improved the performance of the firm. Before she joined Cone Marshall, she was working as a commercial litigation expert in London. She has interacted with professionals in the industry who have shared vital skills that she transferred to Cone Marshall. She works under the supervision of Cone Marshall, a co-founding member and the most experienced member of the firm.

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