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Complaint Against Texas Prosecutor for Wrongful Execution

Questions are being raised by the Innocence Project based New York about a potential 2004 wrongful execution.

Cameron Todd Willingham was executed in Texas in 2004, but after a lengthy investigation, it’s been determined that the then prosecutor, John Jackson withheld pertinent evidence from the defense that would have negated the guilt of Willingham. Furthermore, its been determined that John Jackson knew before, during and after the trial that this evidence could prove Willingham innocent.

CNN reports that The State Bar of Texas has filed a formal complaint in Navarro County court and Jackson’s attorney, Joseph E. Byrne has requested a trial by jury.

In 1991, a house fire killed Willingham’s three daughters. Initially, fire investigators concluded the fire was set intentionally, but several experts have since found that determination was wrong.

There was a key witness – Johnny Webb – that testified Willingham had confessed to him, but attorneys with the Innocence Project have found there was a pretrial deal for Webb.

The Innocence Project and Willingham’s family are pushing for the state to acknowledge his innocence.

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