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CEO Clay Siegall’s Long-Term Plans for Seattle Genetics

The Seattle Genetics is on the move to test out the effectivness of 12 drugs on various types of cancer, and according to its President and CEO Clay Siegall, the Bothell-based institution will be expanding as the trials advance.

Dr. Siegall founded it in 1998 along with some colleagues in a city that serves as a frontrunner in terms of cancer research in the United States. They have several treatments in different sampling phases at the moment, but the top drug that has passed through the third stage of clinical trials is the Adcetris, which is focused on treating lymphomas.

This is a huge achievement for the biotechnological company led by Siegall, as the said medication can ideally bring forth approximately $275,000,000 of sales this 2016 from Canada and U.S. alone. The number does not count the profits they will be getting from the rest of the world, as they have partnered with some of biggest corporations in the medical industry, like Pfizer, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, GlaxoSmithKline, and AbbVie, among others.

Aside from Adcetris, the company is also examining the efficacy of the drugs which currently have the names SGN-CD33A and SGN-LIV1A in curing myeloid leukemia and metastatic breast cancer, respectively. Instead of these economic and scientific progressions, the CEO has mentioned that they have opened a total of 100 job vacancies in the United States, and 20 in Switzerland.

Seattle Genetics has over 800 employees under its domain right now, and the workers they are looking for will be placed in the operations department rather than in the research division, in contrast to what has previously been reported. Their offices, as per Clay Siegall’s words, can accommodate more than 350 personnel, so there is a high probability that the company will hire more people in the coming years.

More About the Seattle Genetics’ CEO

Dr. Clay Siegall is an alum of the University of Marylnd and The George Washington University. In addition to being at the helm of the Seattle Genetics, he is a valuable member of the Board of Directors for several apharmacological companies such as Alder Biopharmaceuticals, Mirna Therapeutics, and Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical.

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