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This Burlesque Fad is Here to Stay

The most famous and loved of all the burlesque performers, Dita Von Teese, has recently announced that she may never retire. Her shocking, bold, and classic performances have kept her fans and new audiences wide-eyed and following since her debut.

Audiences have evolved in her career and now expect and accept things that would before be simply fetish or taboo. It is not too assumptive to say that Dita Von Teese truly made Burlesque mainstream and will continue to reap the rewards of her talent and commitment.

These shows and shows like them can be found on public stages at venues all over the country. From The Box in New York to the Sell Your Body Show in Houston and everything in between, these classically inspired forms of entertainment are in for a big revival that is made possible in part by the legend herself.

As Von Teese explores other ways to express herself, she illustrates that this art form is everlasting. Some stereotypes surrounding stripping and sex entertainment remain, but the reality of the empire that is waking up all over the nation cannot be ignored. This artist is not going to let a little ageism get in the way of what she loves to do.

While Dita has considered retirement more than once but has continually been inspired by her fans to keep going. The idea that different stages of beauty should be represented on stage is at the center of her decision.

As she so perfectly puts it: “Having a real passion for something will always be sexy.” That makes the art timeless and these artists ever desirable. As the way we consume art and live entertainment matures, we have the luxury of watching the performers mature with it.

Big thanks to this glittery, brave, and empowering entertainer.

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