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Baltimore Protests Quieted Overnight By Enforced Curfew

Riots and protests in Baltimore were calmed overnight by an enforced curfew, but protests are now cropping up in other parts of the country. According to reports, Ferguson, Missouri saw unrest in the overnight hours, as did Chicago and several other major cities. The protests mimic those seen in Ferguson last year after an officer was acquitted in the death of Michael Brown, an unarmed African-American man.

Baltimore has been underseige in recent days. The protests were spawned by the death of Freddie Grey, a 25-year-old African-American man who was gravely injured while in police custody. Many of the protests have been peaceful, but a small minority of protesters turned to violence; they have set stores on fire, damaged public and private property, and turned their anger on other citizens and police.

Hundreds of protesters have been arrested, many juveniles since the protests began. Examiner reports that several have been arrested after throwing bricks at police officers and looting local stores, including a CVS pharmacy and a Seven-Eleven convenience store.

The National Guard has sent 2,000 troops into the Baltimore area to contain the situation, but much damage has been done. In the days since the protests have begun the Baltimore Orioles have canceled one game, and plan to close the stadium to the public for further games. Closing the stadium to the public was a decision that was made on Monday when protests and violence grew.

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