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The Awakening of the Spiritual Counterculture

Over the past few decades, transformational tribes have actively been building communities for fun or spiritual and health reasons. The main reason behind this trend is the desire to combat the drastic economic, environmental and political threats that loom in the horizon. These communities include urban homesteaders, eco villages, alternative energy organizations, digital democracy advocates, and complimentary currency groups.


The Evolver Social Movement is the umbrella body of these organizations. Its role is to link members of these communities into an all-encompassing platform that fosters information sharing, the maintenance of larger transformational networks, and the creating of better collaborations among members. In less than three years, the organization had grown remarkably from having a single Evolver Spore (regional chapter) in Atlanta. It is currently a vibrant international community with more than 40 regional chapters in the US alone.


Events Diary


As reported in the press, the organization hosts monthly thematic events on every 3rd Wednesday. These events are based on themes such as shamanism, climate change, water, food, visionary art, technology, and spiritual activism. The events have enabled Evolver Social Movement to create its own successful supply system for a market that remains largely unrecognized by major corporates. The events feature spiritual counter-culture film screenings, consciousness parties, festivals, and book tours.


The organization’s cross network building explains why its events and speaking engagements attract thousands of attendees. Nonetheless, it should be noted that the idea of combining multifarious tribes under a single platform did not originate from the organization’s nerve center in Brooklyn. It came from an unimaginable municipality, Black Rock City, which is located deep in the Nevada desert.


This temporary municipality hosts an annual festival where attendees have the freedom to radically express their views. The festival features all-night dance camps, psychedelic theaters, and “thunderdomish” battles. This futuristic tribal alchemy was the cultural incubator that inspired establishment of the Evolver Spore.


The Evolver Social Movement is not the only organization propagating the spiritual counterculture. The Occupy Movement is a classic example that underground and counterculture movements have gained mainstream recognition. The movement started as a protests against the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City. It has grown into a fully-fledged movement, which has its own consciousness committee. It similarly has presence in over 300 cities. It has also attracted the attention of stars such as Robert Thurman and Vandava Shiva.



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