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Authorities Believe That Germanwings Flight Was Crashed Deliberately

After listening to the cockpit voice recorder, authorities now believe that the Germanwings flight which crashed into the Swiss Alps was flown into the mountains on purpose. The voice recorder revealed that shortly after reaching its cruising altitude, the pilot left the cockpit to go to the laboratory. This left the flight control of the Airbus A320 under the control of the German copilot, Andreas Lubitz who was 28. After the pilot left the cockpit, authorities were able to confirm that Lubitz executed the Airbus’s flight control buttons to strat the Airbus on a dangerous decent. Authorities believe that the pilot must have noticed the change in altitude and signaled the copilot through the cockpits intercom system to allow him reentry to the cockpit. The copilot did not respond. Germanwings Flight Crashed By Copilot Intentionally

Authorities reported that they could hear the sound of the pilot knocking on the door and just minutes prior to the Airbus striking the ground they could hear the sound of someone trying to crash the door open. The only other sounds from the cockpit were the sounds of breathing. There was no mayday call or any other distress call. Authorities have also ruled out that the copilot had a medical emergency as he had to deliberately adjust the Airbus’ flight control to initiate the decent. The crash is still under investigation and the motive is still being investigated according to

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