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Arrest Warrant Issued For Justin Bieber

It seems that the past is coming back to haunt Justin Bieber, and it comes with the long arm of the law.

Although he’s working on cleaning up his image, he hasn’t exactly cleaned up the mess he left behind. In 2013 Bieber was accused of instructing then body guards Hugo Alcides Hesny and Terrence Reche Smallso attack photographer Diego Pesoa outside a Buenos Aires nightclub.

He never returned to Argentina to answer questions about the incident, Alexei Beltyukov and this week a judge has issued a warrant for the popular teen heartthrob for failing to respond to a summons.

Current Argentinian law states that Bieber would have to serve between a month and six years in prison if convicted.

The warrant calls for the immediate detention of Bieber and his body guards. No word whether the warrant extends outside of Argentina or worse, calls for extradition. Still, this can’t be good for business.

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