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Andy Wirth’s Public Battle Against The Incorporation Of The Lake Tahoe Community And Businesses

The Reno-Gazette Journal recently published an interesting article concerning the struggles Lake Tahoe has had to endure for the past four years. Everything from poor weather conditions to major threat of area incorporation has loomed over the resorts and other businesses for awhile now. The article focused heavily on the battle between the group wanting to incorporate and the resorts, people and business opposed to it, especially Andy Wirth. Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and he was strongly against the incorporation efforts of the area. There has been a war of words and a war waged with money between the opposing sides too. Andy Wirth believed it would have been a financial disaster and civic disaster for the area. He stated time and time again in many different publications and forums how incorporation would have posed a threat to anyone operating a business no matter the type or the size of the business.

The backers of the incorporation have issued statements concerning alternative motives for Squaw Valley Ski Holdings such as not wanting to answer to a committee or future residents. This would have strangled the freedom of business owners though. The businesses in Lake Tahoe all benefit from each other and tourism, but they are not filed as co-ops run by residents. It scarcely matters at this point because the backers of incorporation were forced to pull out despite the several hundred thousand dollars they spent to try and make it happen. The four year slump in Lake Tahoe has finally come to an end with no threats of incorporation and favorable weather.

Andy Wirth is the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, and he took over the position in 2010 after his long tenure at Steamboat Springs resort. He’s spent over 25 years in the hospitality and resort industry. He has also won many awards for his outstanding work in the field.

Andy Wirth is also a dedicated philanthropist with a deep love of his community and its environment. His work with Wounded Warriors, specifically Navy Seals, is well known. He began his work with the wounded vets after he had a skydiving accident in the fall of 2013. The accident resulted in severe trauma. His right arm was torn clean off, and he was lucky enough to get it surgically reattached. He continues to be a voice and fixture in the Lake Tahoe community.

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