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Andrew Rolfe Is a Leader in Philanthropy Especially through the Ubuntu Fund

Sometimes back, founder and CEO of Ubuntu Education Fund, Jacob Lief, appeared to flourish in his charity endeavors. Donor funds were in plenty, and he could be called up to address several high-profile global initiatives once in a while. But Jacob was not happy. He hated how donors were domineering him to the point that he could not do his job well. According to him, his organization had reached a point where it was doing its primary job of changing the lives of needy people in South Africa. For these, Jacob opted to shed off some of the donors.


No Strings Donations

Jacob sought for contributions from donors who were willing to make donations without restricting him on how to spend the funds. These types of donors are, however, very hard to come by. This challenge significantly lowered his organization’s budget but, in his words, it was better to work with a small budget that went to its intended purpose than a huge budget that wasn’t helping much. Jacob started creating a rapport with the community, and from that relationship, he was able to customize Ubuntu’s philanthropic programs to suit particular needs of particular people.


Advantage of having a Donor for an expert in any business

As much as attaching strings to donations appears cumbersome and restrictive, sometimes charitable organizations are advantaged to have a hands-on donor. This is because if the donor has a certain degree of expertise either in management or advisory services, then that expertise can help the organization grow. Some donors opt to join the boards of management or the advisory boards for organizations, before pledging any donations. This way, they can indirectly strategize on how their funds are managed.


About Andrew Rolfe

Andrew Rolfe chairs Ubuntu Fund’s board of directors. Besides holding this position, Rolfe is a leading Ubuntu Fund donor. In 2010, Rolfe made a donation of not less than $100,000. A year later, he donated another $100,000. Wolfe pursued his higher education at Harvard University.

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