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Agora Financial, eradicating global poverty through entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the key to economic growth anywhere. There is no way the economy will grow if people are only dependent on getting employed and not coming up with new business venture. Unfortunately, most people start-up businesses for survival. Once it picks to the point the founder can easily fend for himself or herself on a day to day basis, expansion becomes a problem. This could be cause by a number of things; lack of knowledge to expand, fear of the unknown or lack of finances to expand.

Agora Financial is a company that focuses on giving economic commentaries, news, market forecasts and market analysis. This they do through email publications, organized conferences, books and documentary films. Gora Financial is made up of a team of experts in the economic world who have years of experience in trade and market trend analysis. Because of their involvement in the market analysis and commentary, they are constantly at the forefront of the economic changing times. This has seen them gather so much information thus making the one of the world’s leading educators in finance.

As a result of them being one of the leading financial educators in the world, Agora Financial decided that one of the ways they would give back to the society is by teaching upcoming entrepreneurs how to convert their small businesses into large scale factories. In doing so, they teach the vision bearer what will be needed to make the transition, provide the business with the equipment needed and finances as well. This they do through Agora partnerships.

Agora partnerships has a mission to parent entrepreneurs by helping them source for capital, create networks and have strategies that will ensure their growth. They aim at becoming a reliable partner to start-up businesses in developing countries looking to expand territories and transform their communities. Their approach that bets on the entrepreneur’s skills and potential has seen them transform several business ventures into full-fledged factories. The educators assigned to a business do not seek to change the business, only make it better using the tools made available by Agora partnerships.

Through these partnerships, Agora Financial has been able to touch so many lives by providing job opportunities. This goes a long way in eradicating global poverty. These partnerships also serve as an inspiration to small businesses because it makes them realise that transforming a small business into a big one is quite possible. It has inspired several entrepreneurs to better what they are already good at.

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