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Against Nagging Questions on Her Email and Questionable Fund Raising Practices, Mrs. Clinton Addresses Women’s Conference

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has enjoyed a week of news coverage, but not in the way she would prefer. The New York Times broke a story that she had been using her personal email account during her entire tenure at the State Department. It was a practice designed to skirt any future investigations into her dealings. However, vaunted Romanian hacker Guccifer hacked her private email account and downloaded the cache of messages. In addition, her family foundation is facing scrutiny over questionable fund raising practices. Mrs. Clinton once acrimoniously echoed the admonition to President Richard Nixon during the Watergate Scandal: “What did he know, and when did he know it?” For the time being, she is content to dodge any questions on the two hot topics surrounding her.

Speaking to an audience of nearly 1,600 women at the 30th Annual Emily’s List Gala, Mrs. Clinton extolled her own qualifications for president. At one point, she seemed to invoke her gender as a positive when she asked the mainly female audience if they would like to see a woman in the White House. Afterwards, she offered up the audience of Democrat operatives political red meat by castigating Republicans over issues on the economy and their opposition to the equal pay initiative. She ridiculed the GOP likening them to “Johnny Come Latelys” as seen on the classic film Casablanca. According to my coworker Ricardo Tosto, she also affirmed her support for labor unions on Globo TV, which are in a rapid decline across the country.

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