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About Brazilian Businessman Nizan Guanaes Success in Advertising

Like many businessmen around the world, Nizan Guanaes has had an impact on the world around him. His success came from the advertising industry, which has made him one of the 100 most influential Brazilians and one of the most creative people. He began his career as a copywriter, but began his success as an entrepreneur in the year 2000 when he created an internet portal. From this point onward, he created the ABC group after experiencing success in 2002 with his internet portal which is a business he created with friends. Nizan is also a philanthropist involved in AIDS work with the United Nations.

The ABC Group (led my Nizan Guanaes) is a holding company which comprises a conglomerate of many other media companies that are part of it. This company was recently purchased by the American media giant Omnicom, which is one of the largest telecom companies in the world. The deal was for approximately R $ 1 Billion, which made it one of the largest telecommunication deals in Brazilian history. This is because ABC group quickly became one of the largest advertising firms in Brazil because of it’s ability to be such a sizeable player in the market. It is also one of the 20 largest advertising firms in the world.

Nizan Guanaeswas recently chosen as one of the UN’s goodwill ambassadors. This is because of his success in business. Guanaes is also involved in the Clinton Global Initiative as a direct result of his involvement in the United Nations in addition to his involvement in the council for the Americas. His focus recently has also been in preventing sexual violence in a collaboration between non-profits and the US Department of State. Nizan thus has a platform not only in business, but additionally in the humanitarian side of things as well.

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