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A Law Firm of its Own-Cone Marshall

Geoffrey Cone and Karen Marshall are lawyers based in New Zealand. The two founded a law firm and named it Cone Marshal Firm. Cone Marshall was established in 1999, and it is described as the only law firm in New Zealand that specializes in tax trust and tax trust management as well providing tax confidence and trustee services to affiliated organizations. The law firm is located in Auckland in New Zealand.


Karen and Cone bring with them a vast experience in the law field. Before co-founding Cone Marshall, Karen worked at a law firm in London and had a position in the commercial litigation department. Karen joined Cone Marshall in 2005. In 2006 Karen Marshall was given the Principal position at Cone Marshall Law firm. Karen is responsible for advising the statutory trustee companies. The principal at Cone Marshall has a vast experience in the field of trust management in general.


Geoffrey Cone is the co-founder of the Cone Marshall Law firm. Cone is described as the Typical Tax Lawyer in an article that was published in May 2016 and it served as the Law Firm and Expertise Directory. Before the Cone Marshall Law Firm Cone worked in one of the Law firms in Britain and he later moved to Auckland to start his law firm. Since Geoffrey Cone began to practice law, he has been offering international tax as well as trust planning and trustee and trust management services.


Cone Marshall firm is dedicated to working with international families together with their advisors to assist them to establish New Zealand Trust, Companies as well as a partnership. The company has also taken the responsibility to offer advice on international tax and wealthy.


Mr. Cone discredited an article by the social media that said New Zealand a model for tax transparency. Cone described New Zealand as not tax Harbor, and it has a banking industry that is highly secretive. Instead, he said that the nation is only a Charter member of the gold standard transparency. He mentioned and explained the reason why New Zealand has been growing regarding its foreign trust. The reason why the nation has been experiencing the growth is a secure, stable and reliable jurisdiction with good laws. Another reason is New Zealand has a well-regarded judiciary as well as a supportable lawful and specialized structure. The country has a positive reputation globally making foreign investors to feel safe to place their assets.


Cone Marshall follows and has always observed to the highest principles of the tax as well as the trust transparency and have always offered the best advice to their clients on international taxation and trust law.


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