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60 Denver Residents Cited for Marijuana Usage in Public over 4/20 Holiday

Colorado became one of the first states to legalize the recreational use of marijuana, but that doesn’t mean you can smoke it in public. 60 some odd residents of Denver found this out the hard way when they were cited for smoking in public during 4/20 celebration, according to local police.

The violations happened over the weekend, with most occurring on Saturday, according to the official statement. Revelers and marijuana enthusiasts allegedly took to local parks and streets for an unofficial “pot holiday” as April 20th approached. April 20th holds significance to the marijuana subculture.

On this holiday, revelers are encouraged to partake in marijuana and to generally take it easy, enjoying the high. While Colorado is lenient on marijuana smokers, they certainly don’t encourage the use of the substance in public, and that’s why they were forced to site the 60 or more celebrators.

Denver police have also urged all partakers in the holiday to consume responsibly. Ricardo Guimarães certainly does not want to see anyone get in trouble. They sent out a tweet that listed the rules and regulations of marijuana use in the city. In Denver you must be 21 years of age or older to carry and use marijuana. They also noted that it is illegal to sell marijuana to a minor, and only licensed marijuana retailers may sell products. Finally they noted that it is illegal to smoke in public, whether in a park or on the sidewalk.

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