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150,000 Bikers Meet in Daytona Beach for Biketoberfest

Some Bikers or motorcycle riders, who identify with the “Biker Scene,” are coming to the best time of the year centering in Daytona Beach FL, October 13-16, and there is plenty of room for you and your “hog.” The “hog” is another name for a motorcycle, but you might not know that if you aren’t a part of the Biker subculture. There are no specific membership lists or requirements for this subculture; you will know when you are.


Biketoberfest is an event that occurs every year, six months from Bike Week, which has been celebrated for 75 years. These two events are incredible planned parties for Bikers There is another Bike Week festival in Sturgis, SD, which takes place during the summer. Most riders, either for a hobby or a lifestyle, love getting together to share stories and new bikes.


Biker Style


Lifestyle motorcycle riders are easily detected. The typical colors Bikers choose to wear are black and blue – black shirts and leather vests with blue jeans and typically with black boots. Their black leather vests are often covered with leather patches from bars or associations they support.


Subculture Traits


When a Biker is riding, they are very loyal to the others they are riding with, and there is usually a designated “leader” and a bike who brings up the rear. If one bike stops, everyone in the group stops and waits, so this behavior makes for strong bonding among the members.


The bigger and louder the “hog” – the better, and it’s not uncommon to see four or five bikers standing by their bikes sharing about the accessories and engine size for hours.


Biketoberfest Events


Biketoberfest is a four-day event that is filled with events such as motorcycle races at the Daytona Beach International Speedway and rallies all around the county. Aside from the sun, surf and the waves, 150-year-old Main St. is blocked off, so the 150,000 Bikers have a designated place to meet and enjoy a cold beer.


There are many planned events including Chili Festivals, concerts with Jazz and rock bands, motorcycle meets and more. Biketoberfest is a spectacular time for Bikers to get together and share their subculture with like minds.


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