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Nick Vertucci and his NVREA Bring a New Dimension to Real Estate Investments

Nick Vertucci is a highly successful real estate businessman in the United States with widespread success from the scratches. Since his childhood, he was deeply involved in building business and relationships based on trust. Vertucci is a person who believes the past of a person does not make any significant result in his future. Interestingly, he narrates it from the experience of his life, where he was struggling to meet the ends when he was 18 years old. Though his life was all-time low during those days, he was optimistic and thought his hard work could take him forward and make his dream come true.

Initially, he started selling computer parts and made some considerable success in the business. When he thought his struggles were over, the fate did not let him settle there. The dot-com crisis in 2000 washed away his dreams and was forced to shut down the business at the end. Next 1.5 years, he was going through severe financial struggles, and during those days, one of his friends forced him to attend a real estate training program. That changed the life of Nick Vertucci as he saw extensive opportunities the industry provided. He started learning various aspects of real estate investment, with a renewed mindset.

Later, he registered tremendous financial success by smartly investing in real estate across the United States. During the years, he acquired the technics of making money through straightforward real estate investment and business. Nick Vertucci thought of sharing that knowledge and technics to aspiring real estate investors across the country. He felt his learnings would help others also register financial success in their life by utilizing the opportunities of real estate investment. With that idea in mind, Vertucci established Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy in the year 2013. Since then, the academy is considered as one of the most prominent programs in real estate investments in the country.

The training program offered by Nick Vertucci covers all the important areas of real estate investments, and it completes in 3-4 days. He says that real estate investment has three different stages. Initially, Get In – it means the investors should find the ideal properties and buy it at the lowest possible price to sell it higher and earn the profit. Secondly, Get Out – it means preparing the property for the flip, including repair, renovation, and more. Finally, Get Paid – the investors sell the property by grabbing considerable profit and earn their fortune.

Moore dodges the press as harassment scandal spirals

Roy Moore and his Democratic opponent are hunkering down in the final three weeks of Alabama’s blockbuster Senate campaign, eschewing big public events as they try to manage an election that has exploded beyond their control.

Republican nominee Moore, rocked by allegations of sexual misconduct, has scheduled no public events open to the media this week as his campaign hopes to avoid stirring further controversy before the Dec. 12 special election. Democrat Doug Jones wants to distract from Moore’s troubles as little as possible in the closing days of the red-state race, instead working behind the scenes to energize African-Americans and other key groups and unleashing a torrent of TV advertising reminding voters of the accusations against Moore.

The person steering the story of the race Monday was instead Leigh Corfman, who earlier told The Washington Post that Moore undressed her and touched her inappropriately when she was 14 and Moore was in his 30s. She made an appearance on NBC’s “Today” show, where she spoke about Moore and questioned how many more women might come forward to accuse him.

“The story’s kind of taken a life of its own. People are examining it from all sides and perspectives, regardless of what the campaigns are having to say about it from either side,” said Bradley Davidson, a former executive director of the Alabama Democratic Party.

Moore supporters have been holding campaign events to highlight his support among women. But they have been overshadowed: On Sunday, Alabama Media Group newspapers endorsed Jones over Moore, calling on state voters to “stand for decency” and “reject” the Republican in front-page editorials. The White House is also keeping its distance, with Kellyanne Conway, an adviser to President Donald Trump, telling Fox News on Monday that there are no plans for the president to campaign with Moore. (Conway did add, though, that “we want the votes in the Senate to get this tax bill through.”)

And Corfman put another face to the accusations against Moore on Monday with her televised interview, in which she described lasting effects of her alleged encounter with Moore.

“It took years for me to regain a sense of confidence in myself. And I felt guilty. You know, I felt like I was the one that was to blame, and it was decades before I was able to let that go,” Corfman said.

Meanwhile, Jones is also staying relatively quiet. The Democratic nominee held a low-profile event with Birmingham Mayor-elect Randall Woodfin over the weekend, as Jones tries to energize Alabama’s sizable African-American population to vote in the special election. Jones also tweeted a picture of an appearance with Democratic Rep. Terri Sewell on Sunday.

Jones has refrained from weighing in often about the Moore accusations since the first story broke, when his campaign issued a one-sentence statement calling on Moore to “answer these serious charges.” He has said he’s content to focus on the issues and allow others to question Moore. But the Democrat has also aired hundreds of TV ads per day in the past week featuring Republican voters saying they can’t back Moore and urging support for Jones, according to Advertising Analytics.

“You read the story and it just shakes you,” one woman says in the ad. “I’m another Republican for Doug Jones,” a second woman says.

Moore’s campaign has been defiant and focused on raising money online — since national Republican groups including the National Republican Senatorial Committee and the Republican National Committee have abandoned him — and highlighting continued backing from some Alabama Republican groups. Moore’s campaign emailed supporters Sunday that “Republicans are rallying around the Judge,” highlighting a resolution of support from the Shoals Young Republicans, though the Young Republican Federation of Alabama pulled its support of Moore over the weekend.

Jones’ campaign has far outraised and outspent Moore, despite keeping national Democrats at arm’s length in an effort to avoid alienating conservative Alabama voters. Instead, thousands of anti-Moore online donations have flooded into Jones’ campaign, powering the TV campaign against Moore.

The Democrat is spending about 14 times more on TV advertising than Moore, according to Advertising Analytics. Jones’ advertising was focused on health care before women came forward accusing Moore of sexual misconduct, but the allegations have since formed the backbone of Jones’ campaign on TV, along with a message from Jones decrying both parties in Washington along nonpartisan lines. Moore is also on TV with an ad saying “the real people of Alabama” support him in the race, but his campaign has not had the money to air it at saturation levels like Jones’ ad.

There has been modest spending from outside groups backing Moore in recent days by groups that supported him in the Republican primary — but it has been eclipsed by a new outside group supporting Jones. That group, called Highway 31, has poured almost $150,000 into digital advertising in the past two weeks, while the pro-Moore Solution Fund PAC and Patriots for Economic Freedom have spent tens of thousands of dollars for Moore.

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Trump administration sues to block AT&T-Time Warner merger

The Justice Department filed a lawsuit Monday to block the AT&T-Time Warner merger, amid a growing political storm over whether the administration has tried to use its review of the $85 billion deal to force the sale of CNN, a frequent target of President Donald Trump’s media criticism.

A DOJ official told reporters Monday that the agency is concerned the combined company will charge competitors hefty fees to distribute Time Warner content, providing an unfair advantage to AT&T-owned DirecTV. Such an arrangement would have a negative impact on American TV viewers, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the litigation.

“We believe, and our investigation has found, the merger would harm competition, resulting in higher bills and less innovation for millions of American consumers,” the official said, adding that the agency made a “good faith effort” to resolve the conflict through negotiations.

The official denied that ownership of CNN was a factor in the DOJ’s thinking and said the Trump White House had no influence over the decision to challenge the merger in court. No state attorneys general have signed onto the DOJ legal complaint, though the department remains “hopeful” that will change, the official said.

AT&T meanwhile blasted the government’s move, with the company’s general counsel David McAtee calling the lawsuit a “radical and inexplicable departure from decades of antitrust precedent.”

“Vertical mergers like this one are routinely approved because they benefit consumers without removing any competitor from the market. We see no legitimate reason for our merger to be treated differently,” McAtee said in a statement. “We are confident that the Court will reject the Government’s claims and permit this merger under longstanding legal precedent.”

Sources familiar with the deal told POLITICO earlier this month that the DOJ gave the companies an ultimatum to either sell Time Warner’s Turner Broadcasting, which includes CNN as well as networks like TBS and TNT, or shed satellite television provider DirecTV. The sources said it’s clear the government’s main sticking point is CNN, which Trump often maligns as “fake news.”

Unnamed DOJ officials later offered reporters a much different account, saying the companies themselves offered to sell CNN in order to close the deal — an option the officials said they rejected. AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson has called that untrue, saying his company “never offered to sell CNN and have no intention of doing so.”

As the negotiations hit an impasse in recent weeks, the two sides gave signs of preparing for a court battle. Stephenson, speaking at a Nov. 9 conference, said AT&T is fully prepared to litigate if the Justice Department rejects the transaction and would ask for an expedited hearing. The company also hired attorney Daniel Petrocelli, who once represented Trump, in preparation for the legal fight.

AT&T spent most of this year confident the government would approve the mega-deal because it’s considered a “vertical” merger that doesn’t eliminate a competitor from the market. But the arrival of Makan Delrahim, Trump’s nominee for DOJ antitrust chief, in late September appears to have changed the equation, and the issue of divestitures took center stage.

Trump, who has repeatedly derided CNN’s coverage of his administration, has loomed over the deal since the companies announced it a little over a year ago. Shortly after the merger was announced in October 2016, then-candidate Trump said in a speech in Gettysburg, Pa., that his administration would block the deal on populist grounds — that it would place “too much concentration of power in the hands of too few.”

Since then, he has kept up his Twitter-fueled attacks on the news network, tweeting as recently as last week that he was “forced” to watch CNN while in the Philippines and “again realized how bad, and FAKE, it is. Loser!”

Trump’s history of statements about the merger and CNN — including tweeting an edited professional wrestling video that showed him striking a man whose head is replaced by a CNN logo — are expected to be fodder for AT&T’s arguments in the court case. Even Democratic lawmakers who oppose the deal on ideological grounds have expressed concern that politics has poisoned the merger’s review.

The words of Delrahim — a former tech and telecom industry lobbyist and antitrust official in the George W. Bush administration — may also come into play. In an October 2016 television interview, prior to his nomination by Trump, Delrahim said the merger did not seem to pose a “major antitrust problem.”

As the CNN issue burst into the open this month, Trump administration officials denied any White House interference in the DOJ’s review of the deal. Delrahim said he’s “never been instructed by the White House on this or any other transaction under review” by his unit, while White House spokesman Raj Shah said Trump “did not speak with the Attorney General about this matter, and no White House official was authorized to speak with the Department of Justice on this matter.”

The New York Times reported in July that White House advisers had discussed using the merger as “a potential point of leverage over their adversary” — i.e., CNN — prompting Democratic senators to warn the White House against meddling in the deal. Since then, Democrats have continued to seek assurances that the White House has stayed out of the DOJ’s deliberations.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, testifying at a House Judiciary oversight hearing last week, declined to answer a question on whether the White House tried to influence DOJ’s merger review, saying the department has a longstanding policy of not revealing privileged conversations.

Trump on Nov. 11 sought to distance himself from DOJ’s handling of the review. Asked by a reporter aboard Air Force One en route to Hanoi, Vietnam, about whether he wants AT&T to sell CNN, Trump cut off the question, saying, “Well, I didn’t make the decision.” He later said the situation will “probably end up being maybe litigation, maybe not. We’ll see how it all plays out.”

Delrahim, for his part, made clear in a speech last week that his office would seek “structural” remedies, such as divestitures, when mergers are considered problematic, rather than behavioral conditions often favored by the Obama administration.

The merger would allow AT&T, one of the nation’s largest wireless and pay-TV providers, to bulk up its media holdings with brand names including HBO and Warner Bros. in addition to CNN. Stephenson this month framed his interest in buying CNN as part of a larger effort to compete with tech companies like Google and Facebook to attract advertisers.

AT&T has been thwarted before when pursuing a big deal in Washington. The company made a $39 billion bid for T-Mobile in 2011 but dropped the deal after the Obama Justice Department sued to block it.

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'UGH!': Zinke's wife's travel caused headaches for Interior staff

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s wife has frustrated department staffers by saddling them with extra work when she traveled with her husband on official business, according to new records that a liberal watchdog group says uncover the potential misuse of government resources.

The records document Lola Zinke’s last-minute requests to join high-level dinners and additions to the guest list for a conservative group’s event near the couple’s home in Southern California earlier this year. The Western Values Project filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit last month to force Interior to release more than 100 pages of documents related to Lola Zinke’s trips with her husband and interactions with Interior staff.

Shared first with POLITICO, the documents shed new light on the outsize profile Lola Zinke has established compared with the typical Cabinet secretary’s spouse, including her dictating which people to invite to a town hall hosted by the conservative Young America’s Foundation for her husband.

New emails also reveal a celebratory dinner the Zinkes attended that was organized in part by a major GOP donor who gave heavily to Ryan Zinke’s congressional campaigns. And they show Interior staffers had to accommodate a last-minute request for her to join the secretary at an official dinner with Alaska’s governor. The records cover two trips Lola Zinke joined in the first three months of her husband’s tenure as well as some other interactions with Interior staff, such as coordinating her attendance at a White House briefing for Cabinet members’ spouses.

While the department says Lola Zinke paid her own way, the records show Interior used staff time to coordinate some of her activities while traveling with her husband. And the trips gave her access to high-level politicians and GOP activists and donors who could benefit her as a political operator in her own right.

“These emails show that the leadership at the Department of Interior treats basic ethical standards like an inconvenience,” Western Values Project Executive Director Chris Saeger said. “If Secretary Zinke is willing to be so sloppy with something as elementary as this, then God only knows how they’re handling big decisions about energy and public lands behind closed doors.”

Interior says Lola Zinke pays her own way when she accompanies her husband and that travel is cleared by ethics officials in advance.

“DOI incurred no expenses due to Mrs. Zinke’s presence” with the secretary, Interior spokeswoman Heather Swift said in an email Friday.

Interior’s inspector general and the independent Office of Special Counsel are investigating the former Montana congressman and Navy SEAL’s travel expenses and appearances at political events while on official trips, including those in which he was accompanied by his wife. Last week, the IG’s office said it could not conduct a thorough investigation because Interior had kept inadequate records. Among other problems, the watchdog said it had “not been able to determine the full extent to which Lolita Zinke, the Secretary’s wife, accompanied the Secretary on official travel.” Interior officials blamed the shortcomings on inadequate procedures left in place by the Obama administration.

The new records show the secretary’s wife helped decide the guest list for a Young America’s Foundation town hall forum with Ryan Zinke on April 17 at its Reagan Ranch in Santa Barbara, California, part of a weeklong official trip in the state. Lola Zinke joined her husband for national parks tours and meetings with government officials throughout the week, as well as for a private tour of the Reagan Ranch galleries led by Andrew Coffin, YAF’s vice president.

Lola Zinke sent a “list of people I have invited to the event” to two Interior staffers, according to a series of April 7 emails. Caroline Boulton, a special assistant to the secretary, forwarded the list to an official at YAF, with a warning that more could be added. Interior redacted the names of Zinke’s guests before releasing the email.

“She’s expecting some of them to bring plus ones and also her list is not yet final,” Boulton wrote. “She’s said that she doesn’t have emails for them all since many of them have been personally told about the event, but I wanted you to have the list!”

YAF is a key pillar of the conservative movement with alumni ranging from White House officials to prominent journalists. The group’s donors have reportedly included the Koch brothers, among others.

Lola Zinke is active in conservative politics. The Santa Barbara native was a member of President Donald Trump’s Hispanic outreach team during the 2016 campaign, and in September she became chairwoman for the Senate campaign of Troy Downing, a Montana businessman hoping to unseat Sen. Jon Tester next year.

Lola had previously faced criticism for accompanying her husband on the California trip. She posted a photograph on Twitter from Gov. Jerry Brown’s office and accompanied her husband to meetings with DOI regional staff in Sacramento and trips to Fresno and the national parks at Yosemite, Sequoia and Kings Canyon, the trip manifests show.

The trip also included five days in Santa Barbara and then four days in Zinke’s hometown of Whitefish, Montana, an upscale part of the state where the couple owns a home and other real estate.

The secretary taking his wife on official trips isn’t illegal as long as the government doesn’t pay for her expenses. But it can be an ethically gray area, depending on the circumstances, said Craig Holman, government affairs lobbyist with good-governance watchdog Public Citizen.

“Spousal travel, especially when paid for by the spouse, suggests that the trip may have less to do with official duties and more resembles a family vacation partially paid for by taxpayers,” Holman said.

When Lola Zinke joined an official trip to Norway, Greenland and Alaska, she appears to have caused some headaches by deciding to stay longer than expected. Ryan Zinke sent his staff scrambling to make last-minute arrangements so she could accompany him to dinner with the governor of Alaska and other dignitaries in Anchorage, according to new emails.

Interior staffers apparently found out about the change in plans second-hand from an aide to Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), who also was on the trip, along with other senators and their spouses, according to a May 27 email from Director of Scheduling and Advance Russell Roddy to other colleagues at Interior — one day before Lola Zinke had been scheduled to return to Washington.

“I have heard that Mrs. Zinke was now maybe not going to fly out from Fairbanks Sunday morning … so, I asked Annie if she happened to talk to Mrs. Zinke about her plans. She said Mrs. Zinke said she was now going to head to Byers Lake and Anchorage with RKZ and fly out of Anchorage on Tuesday,” Roddy wrote. “UGH! We have all kinds of planes, trains and automobiles manifests to now scramble with.”

It is unclear what led to the change in plans. Before the trip, Lola Zinke had apparently been trying to secure a seat on a military plane back to Washington, but the Senate staffer coordinating the trip told Interior that it would be a “safer bet” for her to fly commercial because Ryan Zinke would not be with her. The military typically does not like members of Congress trying to get their spouses on military planes without the member being present, according to an email from Boulton relaying guidance she had received. “There’s a lot of ifs in that, so let me know if you want me to keep pushing on the” military return flight, Boulton wrote to Lola Zinke on May 18.

Lola Zinke joined her husband at a May 29 dinner in Anchorage with Alaska Gov. Bill Walker and other state officials.

“The Secretary personally paid the State of Alaska for Mrs. Zinke’s meal,” Swift said. Lola Zinke flew home on a commercial flight from Anchorage the next day.

Lola Zinke also accompanied her husband to an April 10 dinner in Washington that was organized with the help of one of his past campaign donors, television producer Burt Sugarman, who has donated heavily to Republicans.

“We are very excited that Sec Zinke accepted the event,” wrote Phil Anderson, president of lobbying firm Navigators Global who helped organize the April 10 dinner sponsored by the National Geographic Society, in a March 24 email to Boulton. “As you know, Burt Sugarman first discussed the dinner with Sec Zinke.”

Sugarman and his wife, former “Entertainment Tonight” anchor Mary Hart, are members of the National Geographic Society’s board of directors.

The Sugarmans gave a combined $10,800 to Zinke’s 2016 congressional campaign, out of more than $180,000 they gave to GOP candidates and committees in the past election cycle, according to FEC documents.

On April 27, Lola Zinke was invited to an ethics briefing at the White House for Cabinet spouses. “They stressed the importance of attending since important ethics rules will [be] discussed and questions can be answered by White House counsel,” Boulton wrote in an email to Lola Zinke.

“Thank you!” she replied. “It’s a good thing I’ll be in town then.”

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Liberals turn on Franken

The left is starting to turn against Sen. Al Franken after a second woman accused him of sexual misconduct, with some liberal groups calling on the Democrat to resign.

Franken was already facing calls from both parties for a Senate ethics investigation after he was accused of forcibly kissing radio anchor Leeann Tweeden in 2006. But a fresh accusation Monday that Franken groped a woman named Lindsay Manz while they posed for a picture at the Minnesota State Fair in 2010 — the first involving his alleged conduct as a senator — triggered demands from some liberals for the second-term senator to step down.

“We believe Lindsay Menz. We believe Leeann Tweeden,” tweeted Indivisible, the progressive advocacy group that’s gained prominence challenging President Donald Trump this year. “Senator @alfranken should be held accountable and he should resign.”

Democratic senators, who quickly coalesced around calls for an ethics probe, stayed mostly silent on Monday. Aides to numerous Senate Democrats in leadership, as well as female Democratic senators, did not respond to requests for comment on CNN’s story about Franken’s latest accuser.

One exception was Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.), who said through a spokeswoman Monday that an Ethics Committee investigation is the “appropriate step and needs to happen immediately.”

Several progressive organizations that had condemned Franken’s misconduct last week did not return requests for comment on Monday about whether he should resign. Yet the reaction from other corners of the left indicated that the cloud over Franken’s political career would not lift anytime soon.

“Time for Al Franken to go,” tweeted liberal commentator Sally Kohn. “Wrong is wrong. And the Democrats need to show they strongly AND CONSISTENTLY stand for women’s rights.”

Dan Muroff, who is running for the Democratic nomination for a House seat in Pennsylvania, said Monday that Franken’s “pattern of behavior toward women has rendered his voice for progressive values meaningless.” And CREDO Mobile, a cellphone company that maintains a liberal activism arm, on Monday similarly called for Franken’s resignation.

“CREDO is committed to standing with women who speak out, holding perpetrators accountable and working to change the systemic and institutionalized misogyny that lets these behaviors continue without consequence,” the company said in a statement. “We believe that Sen. Franken should immediately resign from the U.S. Senate and that Gov. Mark Dayton should appoint a progressive woman to replace him.”

However, some liberal groups declined to abandon Franken over the allegations. A spokeswoman for the Women’s March, which drew millions of demonstrators into the streets in January, cited the group’s statement Thursday that Franken “should be held accountable for his actions.”

Franken apologized Tweeden last week after her accusations went public, and subsequently said he supported an ethics committee investigation of his actions. Tweeden’s story prompted Menz, 33, to contact CNN and allege that Franken grabbed her buttocks while the two posed for a picture taken by her husband seven years ago.

Franken did not directly dispute the new allegation in a statement to CNN. Franken’s aides did not return repeated requests for comment from POLITICO on Monday, including for a response to calls for his resignation.

“I take thousands of photos at the state fair surrounded by hundreds of people, and I certainly don’t remember taking this picture,” Franken told CNN. “I feel badly that Ms. Menz came away from our interaction feeling disrespected.”

He has not made other comments on the issue, and a spokesperson told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that the senator would not resign.

“He is spending time with his family in Washington, D.C. and will be through the Thanksgiving holiday, and he’s doing a lot of reflecting,” the spokesperson said.

But questions are growing about whether Franken — a prolific fundraiser and occasional presence on 2020 presidential lists — can hang on. The accusations against him have handed Republicans ammunition in the midst of the Alabama Senate race, which has been dominated by sexual assault allegations against GOP candidate Roy Moore.

“Are US senators going to call for a vote to remove Al Franken from the US Senate?” tweeted Corey Lewandowski, the former campaign manager to President Donald Trump who last year faced charges of misdemeanor battery against journalist Michelle Fields.

But others rose to Franken’s defense, including a group of former female staffers for the Minnesota senator.

“Many of us spent years working for Senator Franken in Minnesota and Washington. In our time working for the Senator, he treated us with the utmost respect,” the women said. “He valued our work and our opinions and was a champion for women both in the legislation he supported and in promoting women to leadership roles in our offices.”

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Yellen, denied second term as Fed chair, announces resignation

Federal Reserve chief Janet Yellen said Monday she will leave the central bank once her term as chair ends in February, wrapping up a pivotal tenure in which the Fed began to reverse its extraordinary, decadelong support for the economy.

Yellen’s departure from the Fed long before her term as a governor ends in 2024 gives President Donald Trump another big opportunity to shape the world’s most important central bank.

Her announcement comes almost three weeks after Trump nominated Fed Governor Jerome Powell as the next U.S. central bank head, replacing Yellen with a similarly minded but Republican chairman.

Yellen’s move — capping off her nearly three decades at the agency — means the Fed will have a fourth vacancy to fill. Trump has already installed a vice chair of supervision, Randal Quarles, on the Fed board and will have the opportunity to name his own vice chair and three more governors.

Other than Powell, the only remaining appointee of former President Barack Obama is Fed Governor Lael Brainard, once considered a front-runner to serve as Treasury secretary under a Hillary Clinton administration.

“I am enormously proud to have worked alongside many dedicated and highly able women and men, particularly my predecessor as Chair, Ben S. Bernanke, whose leadership during the financial crisis and its aftermath was critical to restoring the soundness of our financial system and the prosperity of our economy,” Yellen said in her resignation letter.

She cited evidence that the economy is much stronger than a decade ago, including 17 million net jobs produced in the past eight years.

“Of course, sustaining this progress will require continued monitoring of, and decisive responses to, newly emerging threats to financial and economic stability,” she added.

Yellen’s steady leadership has drawn praise from Trump since his election, even though he criticized her harshly on the campaign trail.

“We are obviously doing great together,” Trump told Fox Business on Oct. 25. “You look at the markets.”

Trump indicated that his decision not to keep Yellen — making her the first Fed chief not to receive a second term since the 1970s — stemmed from his desire to make his own mark on the central bank.

Her resignation letter underscored the importance of the Fed’s independence, which is viewed as crucial to separating key monetary policy decisions from short-term politics.

“The Federal Reserve has been and remains a strong institution, focused on carrying out its vital public mission with integrity, in a professional, nonpartisan manner,” she wrote. “I am confident that my successor as Chair, Jerome H. Powell, is deeply committed to that mission and I will do my utmost to ensure a smooth transition.”

Yellen’s departure will mean the loss of decades of institutional knowledge. She has been part of the central bank’s leadership since 1994, with a break from 1997 to 1999, when she served as chair of the Council of Economic Advisers under former President Bill Clinton.

She served on the central bank’s board from 1994 to 1997, as San Francisco Fed president from 2004 to 2010, as vice chair of the board from 2010 to 2014, and as chair since then.

She also worked as a staff economist at the Fed in the 1970s.

Under her leadership, the U.S. unemployment rate dropped from 6.7 percent to 4.1 percent, in part because she decided to keep stimulating the economy even after unemployment dropped to 5 percent.

Her predecessor, Bernanke, in his book “The Courage to Act,” wrote of Yellen’s “longstanding concerns about high unemployment and the hardships it imposed on individuals, families, and communities.”

“She prepared for meetings meticulously and backed her positions with careful analyses,” he wrote of her time as San Francisco Fed president. “Her contributions were always among the most substantive at the meeting. The room hushed when she spoke.”

One of her most notable achievements as chair was beginning the process of weaning the U.S. economy off the exceptional support the Fed provided during and after the financial crisis.

The central bank took the unprecedented step of buying trillions of dollars in assets to prop up the housing market and convince banks they should lend. But once the economy began to right itself, the Fed needed to bring its policy back in line with more normal conditions.

Typical of Yellen’s deliberate approach, the Fed telegraphed for months in advance how it planned to shrink its balance sheet by allowing a certain amount of assets to mature without being replaced.

The process started last month with no panic from investors. That’s in stark contrast to 2013, when the Fed announced it would start to taper off its purchases of new assets, leading to a market reaction now known as the “taper tantrum.”

A Wall Street Journal survey in September found that almost three-quarters of economists polled thought Yellen should be reappointed as chair.

Still, the full effects of a decade of easy money policies are not yet apparent. Powell, if confirmed, is expected to continue the Fed’s current pace of rate hikes, which could reveal any asset bubbles that have formed as well as potentially lead to more painful defaults for companies and households that have built up high levels of debt.

Those risks will soon no longer be Yellen’s responsibility.

She gave no indication of what she plans to do next, but the outgoing Fed chief has had a long career as an academic, working at the University of California, Berkeley, the London School of Economics and Harvard University.

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Troy McQuagge-The Golden CEO

Troy McQuagge studied at the University of Central Florida and started his career in sales, with bias towards health insurance sales. He started out with All State Insurance in 1983 before moving on in 1995 to join UICI/Health Market.

USHEALTH and One Planet Awards

McQuagge then took up a job in 2010 with USHEALTH Group’s subsidiary, USHEALTH Advisors, coming as the subsidiaries Chief executive officer and President. USHEALTH is a firm that sells health insurance to a wide demographic of people, with their main focus being on owners of small businesses and those engaged in self -employment. The organization is headquartered in Ft. Worth, Texas and has an objective of providing its target market with innovative health insurance cover by providing excellent customer service coupled with insurance covers that are competitive in the market and affordable to those who take them up. McQuagge got nominated for the One Planet Awards after leading USHEALTH Advisors to unprecedented growth and profitability.

One Planet Awards

Early this year in January, Mr. McQuagge was awarded the Chief Executive Officer of the year award(Gold Winner Category) in the One Planet Awards, the awards is a world award program that honors excellence in the business and also professional fields in all the industries from anywhere around the world. Entry to participate is open to all organizations worldwide and includes categories for both profit and non-profit entities, private companies and even public entities, organization size also does not matter, both established and startup organizations can participate.


The awards acknowledge businesses for excelling in professionalism and business and has awards conferred in various categories which include executive awards, like the one McQuagge won, Public Relations , Marketing, other categories include Corporate Communications, Team awards and awards for a new product or service. In accepting his award, Mr. McQuagge said he was honored to have won the awards and dedicated the award to everyone at USHEALTH Group, saying it the company’s testimonial in its commitment towards helping their customers to solve the problem of having an affordable healthcare insurance cover that can grow in tandem with the growth of their healthcare insurance cover needs.

Read more:

The Insurance Products Offered by USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is a leading insurance provider in the US. It offers a wide variety of plans that suit the changing and diverse needs of clients. The plans are more affordable than the comprehensive ones. USHEALTH Group’s family of companies also have plans for those customers who are willing and can afford for a specific cost-sharing level. The firm has a particular selection of distinct diseases and accident plans. It has flexible, reliable and affordable solutions. Besides, USHEALTH Group is committed to the customer satisfaction.

It doesn’t matter the kind of health coverage its customer choose, the bottom line is that they help the clients enhance their protection with their portfolio of products. Some of the policies they offer include accident coverage, critical illness, income protector, life insurance, specified diseases, short-term disability income, dental and vision plans. In places where there is a high turnover of the customer, and reduced customer loyalty, USHEALTH Group’s family insurance companies create a long-term companionship, which makes them dependable and trusted to deliver its promises.

The USHEALTH Group’s family insurance companies have a subsidiary known as USHEALTH Advisors. It offers the distinct sickness, supplemental and life insurance products. The Group’s customers are assured of an exceptional buying experience in the world of health, driven by a trusted and permitted USHEALTH Advisor Agent. USHEALTH Group is recognized as world business leader in customer care and innovation. That is made possible by the personal attention commitment from the team of experts at the Group. Consequently, the group receives more families, individuals and small business initiatives who want the company to meet their insurance desires.

About Troy McQuagge

Troy McQuagge possesses a B.A. degree from the University of Central Florida. He has worked in various insurance companies like All state insurance Company, Student Insurance division of United Insurance Companies and UGA. In 2010, Troy McQuagge joined USHEALTH and pursued his ambition of restructuring the company’s distribution agency. He succeeded in his mission; hence, was elected President and Chief Executive Officer of the company in 2014. Freedom Life Insurance Company and other subsidiaries of USHEALTH also enjoy the leadership of Troy McQuagge. Troy has steered the company to profitability, competitive health insurance products, and massive growth. Know more:



USHEALTH Advisors are a team of marketers for the USHEALTH Group Company. They specialize in marketing the health insurance that their company offers.


The USHEALTH Advisors marketing team has had the BBB accreditation since 17th April 2013. The BBB rating system is a business profile that allows companies to handle customer complaints easily and efficiently.

Therefore, the BBB files at USHEALTH Advisors assist the team in handling any kind of customer care issues which are attributed to the marketing team. For example, if the consumers of USHEALTH complain that they are not getting the professionalism they desire when they contact the USHEALTH Advisors team. Another example of a complaint is when they do not receive expert calls or texts from the marketing team. These complaints will automatically trigger the professional and expert handling of the BBB system. The customers will get an apology and their issues will be addressed. However, the USHEALTH Advisors team has decided to deal with these problems in a long-term manner through professional and competent training for the agents.

USHEALTH Advisors salary

Averagely the USHEALTH Advisors salary is approximately 200,000 dollars annually for a Business Owner and 70, 341 dollars annually for a Licensed Agent. An Insurance Agent gets approximately 97,393 dollars every year and a Marketing Representative gets paid 75,000 dollars per year. Sales Representatives get approximately 95,000 dollars annually and Sales executives get 98,223 dollars annually. While outside sales representatives and the account manager are paid 100,000 dollars yearly a sales consultant is paid 74, 945 dollars annually. Most USHEALTH Advisors think this remuneration package is quite fair.

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How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Policy

Settling on the right form of life insurance can sometimes be confusing but is also a very important decision for all people to make.Freedom Life Insurance is crucial for people looking for life insurance plans to have the right knowledge that will assist them in choosing the appropriate insurance solutions that will best suit their needs. People should consider having a term life insurance in the case that they require life insurance for only a specified period. With the help of a term life insurance, an individual can match the duration of their term policy with the duration of their need. For instance, if a person has small kids and wants to secure their education future, they can purchase a term life insurance of 20 years. If a person wants the insurance to be able to repay a debt that can be paid off in a particular time period, they need to only purchase a term policy for only that period.

If an individual has a limited budget and requires a huge amount of life insurance, it is advisable that they choose a term life insurance.Freedom Life Insurance insurance plan pays only in case you pass on while the term of the policy is still active. In case the client is still alive as the term comes to an end, the coverage also steps unless they renew the policy or even buys a new one. This form of insurance is not similar to permanent insurance whereby a person can build up equity as cash savings. It is also advisable for an individual to consider convertible term policies if they believe that their financial needs may in the future change. This insurance plan enables a client to change to permanent insurance without the need for a medical examination.

It is however important for all life insurance customers to note that premiums are at their lowest when a person is young and then goes up as they get older. There are many companies that offer people life insurance policies at affordable rates. An example of such companies is Freedom Life Insurance. The company is involved in offering life insurance products and services. It also provides health, credit, accident as well as annuities products.

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