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Work At Home And Have A Party Too!

You can find a great work from home job, and taste wine at the same time. This idea makes all other work from home jobs look dull and unexciting. What other job can you think of that not only lets you party with wine, but demands that you party with your friends, and have them come over for a wine tasting party!

Traveling Vineyards is just such a company. They will provide you with everything you need to hold a wine tasting party of your own. As a Wine Guide, you connect with someone who has decided to have a wine tasting party. You get with the host and help them prepare for the event, and then walk the people through, so to speak, showing them how to enjoy and taste the many different types of wines, and let them know the best foods and snacks to go with each wine, and vice versa.


At the end of the wine tasting party, you take wine orders from the people who have attended, and you send the order into Traveling Vineyards. You make thirty-five per cent of all sales! How’s that for an afternoon of tasting wine?

You can host a wine tasting party without being a Wine Guide, but you will need one with you to help out. You can free bottles of wine when you host a party, and you, too, can become a wine guide, and have who work for you. All of this is explained in detail when you decide you want to host a wine tasting party.

Wine Guides are their own type of entrepreneurs, and every one of them have a different idea as to why they became a Wine Guide and decided upon Traveling Vineyards. Give it a try. You can have fun, meet people, and make money all at the same time. What more can you ask for?

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